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“ A TV-series about the life of Sarah and John Connor, after the events of T2 ”

Short lived, but cool either way!

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV series

The Sarah Connor Chronicles (T:SCC)

Main info

The Sarah Connor Chronicles (T:SCC) is a TV-series released by C2 Pictures and Warner Bros. Television, and shown for the first time by the Fox Broadcasting Company, through the FOX Networks. The show features several new actors portraying the story of Sarah and John Connor, right after the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991).

This TV-series has an whole new cast, including but not limited to, Lena Headey (as Sarah Connor), Thomas Dekker (as John Connor), Richard T. Jones (as FBI-agent James Ellison) and Summer Glau (as 'Cameron', a good female Terminator sent back to protect the duo).

The show, or at least its pilot series, is slated for a 2008 release on the Fox Network and, depending on the rating, an entire series is expected to air just a few weeks after.

The script for the series has been written by Josh Friedman, a Hollywood writer whose credits include Steven Spielberg's 'War of the Worlds' and Brian De Palma's 'The Black Dahlia'. Friedman also serves as executive producer and showrunner, along with C2's senior vice president of development, James Middleton.

The pilot episodes are directed by David Nutter, whose credits include several highly entertaining TV-series of 'Smallville', 'Supernatural', and 'Without a Trace'. Though the TV budget is a lot smaller, Nutter is prepared to follow in the footsteps of blockbuster director James Cameron, wanting "to live up, as best he can, to the bar that Jim Cameron set. It has to carry as much of a punch."


Released: 2008
Budget: Unknown
Grossed: Unknown
Running time: 2 season show
Rating: Unknown
Main cast: Lena Headey (Sarah Connor)
Thomas Dekker (John Connor)
Richard T. Jones (James Ellison)
Summer Glau (Cameron)
Owain Yeoman (Cromartie)
Directing: Multiple
Screenwriting: Josh Friedman
Producing: Warner Bros. Television, C2 Pictures
- Josh Friedman
- Mario Kassar
- Joel Michaels
- James Middleton
- David Nutter
- Andrew Vajna
Studio: FOX Broadcasting Company


At the end of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Sarah vanquished the liquid metal Terminator sent from the future to kill her teenage son, John. Sarah and John now find themselves alone in a very dangerous, complicated world. Fugitives from the law, they are confronted with the reality that still more enemies from the future, and the present, could attack at any moment.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles (T:SCC) reveals what happens when Sarah (Lena Headey, 'The Brothers Grimm', '300') stops running and goes on the offensive against an ever-evolving technological enemy bent on destroying her and her sons life, and perhaps the world. Her son, 15-year-old John Connor (Thomas Dekker, 'Heroes'), knows that he may be the future savior of mankind, but is not yet ready to take on the mantle of leadership that he's told is his destiny. John finds himself inextricably drawn to Cameron (Summer Glau, 'Serenity', 'The Unit'), an enigmatic and otherworldly student at his high school, who soon proves to be much more than his confidante - she assumes the role of Sarah and John's fearless protector.

On their trail are not only threats from the future, but an intelligent and tough FBI agent, James Ellison (Richard T. Jones, 'Judging Amy'), who soon becomes a powerful ally.

The series represents an exciting reinvention of the Terminator franchise, in which the strong and intrepid Sarah discovers that protecting her son and stopping the rise of the machines is more difficult than she had ever imagined.


Below are links to more info on each of the episodes of each season. In these in-depth pages you will find more info on specific episodes, recaps of what was shown, some pros/cons in relation to the Terminator saga and any other info we are (or want to be) able to share.

Season 1 Airdate
1 Pilot 13 Jan 2008
2 Gnothi Seauton 14 Jan 2008
3 The Turk 21 Jan 2008
4 Heavy Metal 04 Feb 2008
5 Queen's Gambit 11 Feb 2008
6 Dungeons & Dragons 18 Feb 2008
7 The Demon Hand 25 Feb 2008
8 Vick's Chip 03 Mar 2008
9 What He Beheld 03 Mar 2008
Season 2 Airdate
1 Samson and Delilah 08 Sep 2008
2 Automatic for the People 15 Sep 2008
3 The Mousetrap 22 Sep 2008
4 Allison from Palmdale 29 Sep 2008
5 Goodbye to All That 06 Oct 2008
6 The Tower Is Tall But The Fall Is Short 20 Oct 2008
7 The Brothers of Nablus 3 Nov 2008
8 Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today 10 Nov 2008
9 Complications 17 Nov 2008
10 Strange Things Happen at the One-Two Point 24 Nov 2008
11 Self Made Man 1 Dec 2008
12 Alpine Fields 8 Dec 2008
13 Earthlings Welcome Here 15 Dec 2008
14 The Good Wound 13 Feb 2009
15 Desert Cantos 20 Feb 2009
16 Some Must Watch While Some Must Sleep 27 Feb 2009
17 Ourselves Alone 6 Mar 2009
18 Today is the Day (Part 1) 13 Mar 2009
19 Today is the Day (Part 2) 20 Mar 2009
20 To The Lighthouse 27 Mar 2009
21 Adam Raised a Cain 3 Apr 2009
22 Born to Run 10 Apr 2009
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