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“ Want to get the most out of your Terminator sales, products and promotions? ”

The best audience is a targeted audience. Get them at TerminatorFiles!


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Main info

Are you looking for the perfect means to promote or sell your Terminator related products? Then look no further and join in with the leading Terminator fanportal and let us help you get the most out of your sales.

TerminatorFiles values its visitors and the content provided to them, and subsequently only promotes Terminator related products on its sites and services. The best audience one can have, for any content as well as product placement, is a 'targeted audience', and TerminatorFiles has them logging in with the thousands.

Fans from all over the world have and still come to TerminatorFiles to enjoy the Terminator saga, and the entire universe of stuff that surrounds it... and we are proud to deliver them the goods, with the help of advertisers like yourself that want to promote or sell their related products.

Check out some of the advertising related info on this page, or contact us right this instance to start your own promotions.

Key benefits

  • #1 fansite which has outgrown and outlived many others.
  • A targeted audience of devoted Terminator fans.
  • Sophisticated integrated marketing/advertising system.
  • Easy and layed back provision structure and/or agreements.


Are you interested in...

  • more details about advertising on our sites and services?
  • banners with your products featured on all our pages?
  • custom promos that fit our site and your needs?
  • more marketing opportunities than this site alone?
  • extra services and on-demand ad solutions?
  • connecting with a targeted audience?

If any (or even all) of the above applies to you, then you might be interested to get more indepth info about the many advertising posibilities that the TerminatorFiles sites and services has to offer. We could talk on end about all these great features we have to offer... but all that is done at our password protected Partner area.

Want to know more? Then apply for a limited access password to our Partner area.

Examples of custom adverts

Current and/or past partners include -but are not limited to- Atari, Warner Bros, Hollywood Collectibles Group, Sony, Sideshow Collectibles and others. We can run big campaigns that take over the entire fansite; normally each section has its own supporting background, but when a campaign is running, the entire site (approx. 11.000 pages) are 'taken' and upgraded with only one background, one banner and possible additional animations.

We can talk on end about whats cool about that, but its even better to give some examples about what this entails; just imagine that any visitor visiting any of the 11.000+ pages, will see the campaign. A sure hit!

Check out the following past campaigns, which we sometimes rerun. Click the back button in your browser (or backspace) to return to this section. Want to do business? Then contact us for more information.

Examples in collaboration with Amazon

Examples in collaboration with Sideshow Collectibles

Examples by our own initiative

Examples promoting TerminatorFiles

Some campaigns can no longer be shown due to set (legal) limitations. We always check with you when campaigns end and if they can be added to our archives. If for any reason any of the above examples should be removed, please contact us.

Partner area

We have a password protected area where you can review lots of interesting advertising related info that has to do with our sites and services. Information like visitor demographics, creative ad opportunities, ad specifications and guidelines, learn about our audience, examples of previous advertising, demo pages and further contact information.

For more information on how we can assist you in developing a custom promotion that will help meet your marketing needs and objectives, please contact us. Please allow 48 hours for reviewing. If feedback is needed, we will reply to our best knowledge of the applied topic, additions, commercial proposition or other info.

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