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“ I'll stop it! ”

Lena Headey is Sarah Connor

Lena Headey profile

Lena Headey

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Lena Headey was born on October 3, 1973 in Bermuda and moved back to Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, when she was eight years old. She was educated at the English Rose school of Acting and immediately pursued an acting career, playing the younger version of Jeremy Irons' wife in Waterland in 1992.

Later, she was cast in Merchant Ivory's The Remains of the Day, where she played Lizzie, a sexually adventurous maid. Her next films since then were The Summer House, The Jungle Book (1994), Loved Up (1995), The Man with Rain in His Shoes (1998) and Inside-Out in 1999.

Headey has also starred in two movies with Piper Perabo, The Cave, where they were the only female characters in the film and Imagine Me and You, where they portrayed love interests. She played Queen Gorgo in the 2007 film 300.

Lena Headey plays Sarah Connor in the FOX series, The Sarah Connor Chronicles (T:SCC). Sarah is the heroine of The Terminator movies and after successfully vanquishing the liquid metal Terminator, she and her son, John find themselves all alone in the damaged, broken world.

Together, they go undercover as to save their lives and wait for the final battle against the possible enemies that may come their way--human or not human. With the help of a few brave individuals, Sarah goes on her journey to protect her son and stop the rise of the evil machines that threaten to rule the world.

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