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“ The Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV-series brings a whole new level to the Terminator saga, and with it interesting articles. ”

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles articles

T:SCC articles

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A FOX TV-series featuring an entire new cast that focusses on the story of Sarah Connor, her son and a teenage Terminator called Cameron (named after the original Terminator creator). Not many fans are prone to see their beloved Terminator movies turned into a TV-series and hope that it does not downgrade it. Others just love what they are doing to it. How devided are you?

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They are back! They are back!
The release of The Sarah Connor Chronicles sees the space/time continuum bent to even more ludicrous extremes as the meat-coated tin tyrants once again go in search of the leader of the resistance. In a celebration of all things cyborg, Review casts its red, glowing eye over the great sci-fi event to hit DVD and Blu-ray.
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Hall of Terminators Hall of Terminators
Homocidal robots disguised as humans out to start a nuclear war and trigger nuclear apocalypse is what the Terminator franchise is all about. It's a big part of the movies, comics, toys, and now it's a crucial part of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, an ambitious new TV series that follows the adventures of Sarah Connor and her son John, the future savior of the tattered forces of Humanity. As the three movies cost hundreds of millions of dollars, how could a TV show hope to compete with the action and FX? The man responsible for bringing you Judgment Day on a weekly basis is Robert Hall.
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Terminate now Terminate now
Lena Headey has hit the big time. How big? The 34-year-old actress with the startling blue eyes and proud cheekbones is big enough to carry entirely the new Terminator spin-off TV series The Sarah Connor Chronicles (she plays the title role). She's big enough to attract 18 million viewers in America to the opening episode. She's big enough to parlay a starring role in last year's beefcake blockbuster 300 into a heavyweight movie career. She is also, however, big enough to have both her agent and the director of studio marketing sitting down within an oppressive hair's breadth of our table, scrutinising our increasingly fraught conversation.
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One Tough Mother One Tough Mother
Lena Headey, star of Fox's new Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, looks like someone you don't want to mess with. In a gloomy underground tunnel in Los Angeles, she and two burly actors in police uniforms are shooting a fight sequence so intense they're stirring up clouds of dust. Headey, clad entirely in black, kicks and jabs until she has the cops on the ground.
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Tomorrow's Hero Tomorrow's Hero
More than any other cast member of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Thomas Dekker is a big fan of the Terminator films upon which the Fox TV show is based. Thats why Dekker -- who plays future hero John Connor in the new series -- was skeptical when he first heard that the franchise was coming to the small screen for weekly adventures in 2008.
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Summer to watch over you Summer to watch over you
Every child has an imaginary friend at some point, even it it's only talking to their teddy. Later on, most boys will dream of having a robot friend which will obey their every word... and in a particularly twisted way, that's exactly what John Connor got in the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day. But now, in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, he's a but older, and the lucky teenager's robot companion is no longer Arnold Schwarzenegger. Instead she's the spitting image of Firefly's River Tam...
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Terminatrix Terminatrix
Summer Glau was three years old when The Terminator was originally released in 1984. So the fact that she missed the opportunity to behold the Governator in all his glory on the big screen can be excused. But never renting it -- or its far superior sequel T2: Judgment Day -- growing up as a teenager in San Antonio, Texas?
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Come with me... if you want to live Come with me... if you want to live
The Terminator was once synonymous with the physical brawn and square-jawed visage of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now, the latest model in Terminators can be seen in the new Fox series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles as played by Summer Glau, who couldn't be more different from the former bodybuilding champion.
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Are you Sarah Connor? Are you Sarah Connor?
Starlog has an interesting interview with Lena Headey about her role in the new TV-series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Learn how she came to be Sarah Connor, how shes going to take on the big role and mould it into what she and her directors think it could turn into with each of the series episodes and seasons.
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Rage Against the Machines Rage Against the Machines
Sarah Connor Chronicles star Lena Headey speaks exclusively to SFX Red Alert. This article also includes a special SFX Profile on Summer Glau, who plays the teenage Terminator Cameron (a nod to James) in FOX's TV-series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
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She's back She's back
"I'm afraid of spiders," says Lena Headey. But when it come to Terminators, the British actres has no fear. Lena Headey is ready to do something a lot harder than terminate Terminators or even deal with spiders. She's going to take on the classic role of one of the greatest female film icons of our time, Sarah Connor.
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The Sarah Connor Chronicles - No fate but what we make The Sarah Connor Chronicles - No fate but what we make
Its seems as retoonning and rebooting franchises is as acceptable these days as churning out a sequel in the sam continuity. Bond did it well with Casino Royale, and the new Star Trek movie looks set to follow the same route. It should come as no surprise then, that the new Terminator television series is going with the trend, cutting out the storyline of the third film entirely.
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The Other Terminator 3 The Other Terminator 3
As this issue of Starburst hits the shops, there's still four months to go until The Sarah Connor Chronicles débuts on Fox in the US. At this stage, even the show's title isn't set in stone - it's producers have revealed that the network may choose to include the legend Terminator in the wording. However, judging from what we've seen of the pilot episode, the show could be worth the wait, as it picks up the threads of James Cameron's searing Terminator 2 and spins the franchise off into a whole new direction.
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