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“ John Connor will get the biggest present for any birthday ever! It brought tears to my eyes, being the big boy I am. ”

STAFFmaster Vic about the best episode of the entire T:SCC series

What He Beheld

What He Beheld

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Sarah finds herself in a business transaction with a mysterious business man. Meanwhile, Cromartie closes in on John and Agent Ellison discovers a nemesis at the agency. However, events seem to spin out of control yet again. Will Sarah manage to stop the future war against SkyNet while protecting the life of her son?


A pair of brothers play baseball in their yard. Suddenly, explosions fill the sky and missiles race overhead.

Sarah and Cameron go to an internet café looking for Sarkissian. He told them to meet him at table nineteen. John and Derek wait outside in the car. Derek tells John about playing baseball in the yard with his brother and the arrival of Judgment Day.

Sarah receives and instant message asking about buying The Turk. Sarkissian tells her bring $500,000 to a local mall food court. Sarkissian logs off. Cameron notes they don't have that money. Sarah says they will soon.

Ellison comes to talk to Charlie. Ellison thinks Charlie knows where Sarah is. Ellison is starting to believe Sarah's story. Charlie says he'll tell Ellison what he told Kester, he doesn't know anything. Ellison keeps cool, but knows something is wrong. There is no other agent on this case.

Sarkissian and a thug enter Carlos' house, the man who helped Sarah with new identification papers. He shows Carlos a photo of Sarah and asks if he has seen her. Sarkissian eludes to the fact that maybe Sarah killed Enrique. When he doesn't get an answer, Sarkissian removes the sword from the wall and stabs one of Carlos' men, his partner shoots and kills the others. Carlos has no choice but to help the man.

Charlie goes to Sarah's home. He tells Sarah that Ellison visited him and he might be ready to believe Sarah. Sarah says Charlie can't risk seeing her because he could lead a Terminator to them.

Cameron analyzes diamonds from Derek's safe house. They have half the cash they need.

Derek and Sarah go to the meeting point. Sarkissian doesn't show, and when police arrive, Derek and Sarah quickly leave.

When they get back to the house, Sarkissian is sitting on the couch. Sarah asks him to leave The Turk. Sarkissian says because of Sarah's status, his price is now two-million dollars. Derek threatens to kill Sarkissian, and Sarkissian says he has people watching John while he's on a field trip. The man gives them 24 hours and she tells Derek to follow the man.

At a museum, John is depressed because he thinks Sarah is going to forget his birthday. John explains birthdays are a big deal to humans. Cameron notices the man from Carlos' house watching the group.

Cameron closes the trunk of a luxury car at school. Morris thinks she's joking when she says she killed the owner and put him in the trunk. John says they need to get home immediately. Morris asks Cameron to the prom and she says yes.

Ellison asks a clerk to look up Agent Kester's info. Ellison recognizes the man's photo; it's who he believes to be George Laszlo.

Kester asks for files on Sarah Connor in an evidence locker. The clerk tells Kester that Ellison has checked out the box.

Cameron and John hide the car in the garage. Someone is watching. Sarah closes the trunk and Cameron says the man didn't have any information. Derek walks in and says he lost Sarkissian. The dead man's cell phone rings, Cameron answers with his voice. A voice on the other end expects the man to meet somewhere. Sarah says they can't stay in the house. The girl from Carlos' knocks on the door. She's covered in blood.

The girl drives them to the internet café. Derek, Sarah, Cameron and John muscle their way inside. The man at the front desk alerts Sarkissian. Sarkissian locks himself in a room. Cameron destroys the wall to get at him.

John checks the office to see if The Turk is hidden there. Instead, he finds a little girl doing her homework.

When Cameron breaks through, Sarkissian has slipped through another door. Sarah looks at security feeds on a monitor and sees Sarkissian take John. She chases them into the street and Sarkissian presses a gun into John's neck.

Derek walks out with the little girl at gun point. Sarkissian says that isn't his daughter. Derek whispers to the girl, then springs up and shoots Sarkissian in the head, killing him.

Sarah comforts the little girl. She says Sarkissian wasn't her father. John strips Sarkissian's hard drive out of his computer.

The girl drops them back off at their house. Cameron waits behind and asks if she needs to kill her because of what she's seen. The girl doesn't answer. Cameron loads a gun, and hands it to the girl.

Agent Simpson looks over Kester's file. She tells Ellison that Kester is Laszlo, and Ellison notes that the blood doesn't match. Ellison reinforces that Kester might not be human because of how cold he was when they brought him in for questioning. Agent Simpson says they need to go get him.

John works through Sarkissian's hard drive. Sarah leaves and Derek enters. Derek knows it's John's birthday and offers to celebrate.

Derek and John walk through a park and sit watching a couple kids play baseball. The ball rolls over to John; he picks it up and hands it to the younger boy. The older boy turns around; the back of his shirt says REESE. He is Derek, and the younger boy is John's father, Kyle. Derek knows Kyle is John's father.

Ellison and a SWAT team arrive at Laszlo's apartment. Kester hears footsteps.

Charlie, in an ambulance, hears the call go out over his CB radio. Charlie races to the scene.

The SWAT team kicks open the door. Kester begins his assault. The SWAT team is no match for the Terminator. In the end, Kester's battle damaged body stands face to face with Ellison. Ellison closes his eyes and prepares to die. Kester lowers his weapon and walks away. Ellison looks over his fallen team; Agent Simpson is one of them. Charlie runs in, stunned by the carnage.

John returns to work on the computer. He gives Sarah photos he found of other people looking to buy The Turk. Sarah tells John to take a break so they can go celebrate his birthday. She sent Cameron to get the cake. John goes to shut the machine down and finds one more photo.

It's a photo of the internet café cashier's passport. Sarkissian's name is on the paperwork. The man Derek killed in the alley was not Sarkissian.

Cameron climbs in the car. She notices Sarkissian walking away. She starts the engine and the car explodes.


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