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“ Things we've finished and added to our ever expanding Terminator fanportal! ”

Excluding news and collectible updates

TerminatorFiles updates

Updates to our Terminator fansite

Main info

Interested in the latest stuff that has been added to our site? Need that download from a month ago? Need to brush up on that article again, you read half a year ago... or just interested in how active we (and other fans) are in updating the site? Then check out this comprehensive page, with direct (deep)links to every update we launched, just this minute or from way back when.

Got anything to add yourself? Send in those requests and help us build a 'bigger and badder' site! Or join the discussions over at our very own forums! See ya there ;).

News and collectible updates are not included in this page.

Latest updates

Updates to (new) content that was added this month. With latest on top.

Older updates

Updates older then the current month. We edited out stuff that is not that imported to keep in this archive. Most linked material is kept for easy reference. Runs a few years back, with latest on top.


  • Nothing


  • Jan 28: Updated stats Aug 2017 to Jan 2018!


  • Aug 5: Updated stats Aug 2016 to Aug 2017!
  • Jan: New site postponed until further notice.


  • Jun: No longer updating this site. Working on new one.
  • May 28: Migrated to yet another new server.
  • May 1: Unemployed. Got lots of time, not spending it here :(.
  • Mar 8: Updated stats.
  • Jan 19: Updated stats.


  • Jan: New server and coding issues :(.


  • Dec: Learning new programming language.
  • Nov: Too busy with real life.
  • Oct: Installed local webserver, scripts, framework. Lots to do!
  • Sep: Primarily busy with new fansite.
  • Aug: Researching, designing and developing new fansite.
  • Jul: Too busy with real life.
  • Jun 24: Thinking about new TerminatorFiles website and forums. Mmm.
  • Jun 22: Busy with real life events.
  • Jun 16: Updated Google+ links. Resolved 2 little coding bugs.
  • Jun 15: Implemented Google's server-sided PageSpeed Optimization plugin.
  • Jun 15: Updated AddThis coding, deleting defunct scripts.
  • Jun 15: Enabled GZIP. Files compressed to ¼ their size. Saves 72% bandwidth!
  • Jun 14: Updated Google jQuery CDN from 1.10.2 to 2.1.1
  • Jun 12: Implemented 403 page; the only page 'blocked users' get to see ;).
  • Jun 9: We've upgraded to a faster, more stable and greener web-server!
  • May 30: Increased font size so things look better on higher resolutions.
  • May 29: Posting lots of interesting news.
  • May 24: Slowly re-adding news articles.
  • May 23: Updated XML coding, as well as several RSS tools settings.
  • May 23: Introducing news ticker on Homepage.
  • May 22: Removed 'onblur' JavaScript bug (crashed browser, whoops!).
  • Apr 26: Updated AddThis settings. Please share our pages, anywhere!
  • Apr 15: Cleaned out news 2004. Reintroducing 113 news items.
  • Apr 14: Update server-sided coding.
  • Mar 24: Updated Weblinks with new fansite!
  • Mar 9: Updated template coding. Preparing for new sections.
  • Feb 27: Nothing to report. Not even stats. Too busy with IRL stuff.
  • Jan 8: Found slight bug for mobile; fixed 43 CSS files.


  • Dec: Merry Christmas! Lets get fired (again).
  • Nov 12: Busy with shitty IRL stuff.
  • Nov 7: Google forced us to create a new Google+ profile.
  • Nov 4: Testing new contact forms.
  • Nov 4: Upgraded all websites to latest PHP! Found problems? Report them!
  • Nov 1: We might have more time to invest on the site. More to come in due time.
  • Oct 7: Busy learning new programming language. Maybe to implement site-wide?
  • Oct 5: promo deactivated and archived.
  • Sep 28: Some real shitty things happening IRL. Not that active, sorry.
  • Sep 10: We're not that active. Sorry. Real life events kills motivation.
  • Aug 31: Nothing much, but shitty real life events.
  • Jul 20: Jup... its gets repeated a lot: We are too busy IRL.
  • Jul 3: Added another hidden link to our hidden 'Behind the scenes'.
  • May 21: Updated T4 movie mistakes.
  • May 12: Removed 2 defunct T3 screensavers.
  • May 8: Added a 'back to top' button. No scroll animate: is faster.
  • May 6: Experimented with bottom 'development' tool-bar. To be decided.
  • Apr 28: Updated link structure on main interface.
  • Apr 28: Fixed some http vs https link errors (speeds things up!).
  • Apr 27: After 9 years, decided to allow Google to index all images ;).
  • Apr 26: Testing server settings. Google Webmaster Tools updates.
  • Apr 24: Redirected 73 faulty incoming links (.htaccess 301's).
  • Apr 24: Updated AddThis sharing widgets.
  • Apr 21: Cleaned and re-ordered 21 GIG of Terminator files (downloads, etc).
  • Apr 18: Prepped some PHP coding for upcoming updates.
  • Apr 8: Prototyping interface for new section, thanks to Pencil.
  • Apr 8: Update Facebook social lytebox interface.
  • Apr 7: Implemented DISQUS on all news articles
  • Mar 5: To many things to do in real life... sorry!
  • Feb 16: Commissioned custom model to be build. More in a few.
  • Feb 14: Updated homepage menu.
  • Feb 14: Corrected 73 external linking errors (I'm a .htaccess God!)
  • Feb 14: Updated sitemap.xml
  • Feb 9: Redesigned and coded said brain-fart. Preparing news relaunch!
  • Feb 8: Brain-fart solves a three year old issue!!!
  • Jan 30: Updated CSS coding.
  • Jan 29: Updated social bookmarking system.
  • Jan 28: Preparing new 'retina' bookmark icon for iPads.
  • Jan 15: Testing idea for new collectible reviews system.


  • Dec 22: Nothing much. To busy with real life events... most suck.
  • Nov 28: Mainly active on our Facebook / Twitter account.
  • Nov 22: Re-coded engine for media library. To be launched.
  • Nov 12: Cleaned out 2004 archives; used to be 221 articles, now only 114 left.
  • Nov 10: Finished 2003 news archive. Up next... 2004.
  • Nov 9: Re-included 2003 news, August and September.
  • Nov 8: Teasing Facebook / Twitter followers about Hidden section
  • Nov 7: Started researching 3D rotating technology. Got real cool idea!
  • Nov 1: Updated defunct interface for Mac users.
  • Oct 30: Checked and re-included 2003 news, July.
  • Oct 27: Whos.Among.Us is no more. Became too intrusive! Idiots.
  • Oct 26: Prepped and launched hidden (but findable) section ;).
  • Sep 12: Yes folks... we are real busy with IRL events!
  • Sep 5: Deleted defunct Ping.FM service. Was fun while it lasted.
  • Aug 8: Added new forums section to Weblinks.
  • Jun: Too busy IRL to work on fan site. Sorry.
  • May 27: Check this cool Wordfeud playingfield.
  • May 27: Updated Interact menu and sections.
  • May 25: Working on a funny Wordfeud promotional thingie.
  • May 16: Added real cool link to Weblinks section.
  • May 10: Updated all 3D models, thanx to Terminator fan Chris.
  • Apr 24: Updated almost all Terminator articles.
  • Apr 24: Introducing T4 articles. Typed out magazine clippings.
  • Apr 20: Busy researching social media (also work related issues).
  • Apr 14: Implemented Lytebox 5.5 on all 4.271 images
  • Apr 14: Deleted jQuery CDN reference from code (never used anyway).
  • Apr 10: Testing out a few other JS libraries. More soon!
  • Apr 8: Further experimenting with 7 jQuery gallery plug-ins. Phew!
  • Apr 7: Testing animated version for (not online yet).
  • Apr 3: Upgraded jQuery Tools. Experimenting with JS.
  • Mar 25: Updated CSS error (I'm not perfect ...but almost!)
  • Mar 24: Cleaned out news; 107 from 2004 and 26 from 2005.
  • Mar 24: Checked and re-included 2003 news, upto June.
  • Mar 23: Cleaned out 2003 archives; used to be 585 articles, now only 165 left.
  • Mar 17: Re-included deleted CSS coding, due to previously unknown errors.
  • Mar 17: Updated our own created template system, preparing for news sections.
  • Mar 15: Updated AddThis social bookmarking system.
  • Mar 12: Hacked some of the AddThis coding, to make a trick work in XHTML ;).
  • Mar 5: Upgraded PHP coding, menus and some .htaccess tricks.
  • Mar 4: Debugged site for some Google Chrome errors.
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