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T:SCC trivia


Main info

A TV series chronicles its own set of facts and trivia surrounding the creation process. Lucky for us the Terminator TV series is called Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles... soo chronicles is already part of the name. Sure... its a lame introduction, but we needed to think of something. Check the trivia for more detailed info on the making if T:SCC.

In-depth info

The name of the good Terminator, 'Cameron' (played by Summer Glau), is an ode to James Cameron, the original creator and director of the first two Terminator movies and the Universal Studios attraction (T1, T2 and T2:3D).

Arnold Schwarzenegger might appear in the TV-series in an cameo role. This is a rumour and not yet denied or confirmed. Also past stars like Robert Patrick and Edward Furlong are concidered to appear in cameo roles. This is also still based on rumours.

Protector Terminator Cameron has been sent back from the year 2027. Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn) and the original Terminator T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) on the other hand were sent back from the year 2029 (according to T1). This means that Cameron, whos concidered by the producers/writers to be the most advanced Terminator build (more character, can do better things), is sent out earlier (2027) then the baddie and goodie from the original The Terminator (2029). Yet Kyle states that the Terminator was the newest most fearsom machine yet. This does not 'compute'!?

Their Skynet is activated on April 19, 2011. Judgment Day is set to happen two days late, making it April 21, 2011.
T2's Judgment Day: August 29, 1997 (posponed, according to T3)
T:SCC's Judgment Day: April 21, 2011
T3's Judgment Day: July 24, 2004 (not posponed, since we see it happen)

All things concidered, the producers now state that T:SCC is not a series between T2 and T3, but a seperate entity following a different timeline of events. As if T3 never existed in the first place. Soo... in that scenario, anything can happen.

Appearently someone (or something?) was sent back from the future to the year 1963, to build a TDE (Time Displacement Equipement) inside a vault in a bank. Cameron knows they build it, but shes a Terminator, thus in reference Skynet should know they built it, thus anything could have happened. There is also a gun featured in it that has stuff in it that could (and still does not) exist in that timeframe (even if it took them "28 months to build" as stated by Cameron in the series. Ehu... right.

At the end of the pilot, the threesome of heroes travel from the year 1999 to the year 2007. This to facilitate an easier timeframe for the audience to attend to.

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