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“ Things under development ”

From simple code snippets up to grand new sections!


DevLab tweaks

Main info

Welcome to the 'under development section' of our site, DevLab in short. DevLab features a lot (if not all) ideas that we want to implement into the website. From little coding snippets that enhance the site interaction and useability up to full new expanded sections about specific subjects of the Terminator saga. And everything in between!

DevLab includes developments that needs your input... so don't hesitate to contact us if you've got additions to existing developments or your own specific ideas that should definately be featured on our site.

Some people say we are already very detailed, but we think we are not. Still pursuing grander things, below is a list of items we've already got laying around... to be added or developed into full-fledged web-enabled features. Included on the site, preferably sooner then later, but as with other fans in the community, we've got more things to do then this site alone (although we'd love to work on it fulltime ;). Check the list below to see what the team is up to, and see if you can check for future updates... right this instance.


Some general stuff we want to implement into the general sections of our site. Thats a lot of 'general' words in one sentence. And not much in the list. Well... for one, this is the old stuff that was left over from the old website, but we have lots more up our sleeves... which we aint gonna mention here (or someone rips our ideas for their own fansite.

  • Each section (aka Home, Saga, Media, Goodies, etc) needs an seperate styled intro. Since the development of our v3.0 website took soo long, this is posponed till later inclusions.
  • Intro needs more indepth links to (sub)sections.
  • Intro should feature latest collectible addition.
  • Global forum representation of total posts, members, latest post/topic (and linkage of course).


We previously (was it in 2003?!) had a full review database of lots of collectibles. This has since been scrapped, but we can't get over the fact why we decided to do so. This will be included as soon as possible... with the addition of the stuff mentioned below.

  • Collectables organised into subsections. Meaning as much as a full review for ie the entire Neca or Kenner collection. Plus inclusion of all collectibles still in local databases, but never online.
  • New affiliates page with feature products, 'Special offers', 'Cool products', TF affiliated products (Sideshow, Amazon, BestBuy, Vaoz, etc).
  • Project page of kits build or 1:1 projects of STAFFmaster Vic.
  • More indepth reviewed DVDs by STAFFmember Maurice.


Having a fansite is nice... but its even nicer to be able to provide cool products in collaboration with the leading collectibles providers worlwide. This list is somewhat old, but we are still seeking new vendors who are interested in partnering with us, providing the fanbase with the latest nitty-gritty of Terminator stuff.

  • Contact Action HQ (Affiliation).
  • Contact Blister (Models feature on site).
  • Contact CJ (including eBay affiliation, second attempt, what about VAT?).
  • Contact EyeTide (T3 Screensaver Pic viewer).
  • Contact HotToys (T850 feature on site).
  • Contact IN-FUSIO (Terminator mobile content on site).
  • Contact Kenner (Article for old products).
  • Contact Marushin (BB Gun Affiliation).
  • Contact Vaoz (Affiliation).
  • Research commercial viability and copyrights for TF related (collectible) products? (Holographs, tee's, mugs, mousepads etc).


Whats a fansite without some cool things that interest all the fans. Well... we already have lots of interesting goodies you can grab for free, but we want more! These are just a few of the ideas we have for fangoodies of our own, or your inclusions.

  • TF screensaver which interacts with website news and other archived stuff.
  • TF screensaver for normal usage.
  • MSN Terminator smileys and icons for download.
  • Programming section with ie 'Arnie digital', 'ASCII Art', revamped 'RedTed T2 Head', Word puzzles, Memory game, (Mouse)interaction scripts for fansites, etc etc.


"Having fun yet?", to quote John Connor in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Yup... we are, since this IS a fansite... but we want more cool stuff added which helps us promote our site, or some crazy stuff related to the saga.

  • New Endoki character animations. Check the Merry Christmas intro in our archives to see what we mean. This should feature a monthly (weekly?) encounter with a know star or person. Not unlike the stuff found on Or just drawn out like a comic, like the Garfield comics one finds in a newspaper (three pictures to tell a joke).


Lets make the site interesting to look at. Which has been done with the introduction of our new v3.0 site, with dynamic backgrounds loaded for each section. And these can even be made available by you yourselfs. More on this in future updates, including -but not limited to- some of the below items.

  • STAFF needs more in depth info.
  • Link 2 us feature needs more banners (smaller/divers) and easy copy-paste form-action with linkage info/example.
  • Some pages still need a main top graphic.
  • Main linking pages (The.Saga etc) need possible graphical headers in between subsection topics.
  • Enable more color in the GUI design (though to work intensive?).
  • Visualy pleasing Timeline graphic, with all possible abbriviations and references in it. We are thinking of making this interactive, so users can open or close certain timelines within in the graphic. Will probably end up as a Flashed file.
  • Terminator related Winks for MSN.


Interaction! Would be nice... has been nice in the past. These developments are however halted until further notice. We are only with two nutty programmers... and our fansite is already HUGE!

  • Desktop applet for interaction with website. This is a very long project; we have to take all possible computer-environments into account when making an installer.
  • Interactive mailing. (Bi?)Monthly mailing to all fans added to a list, which is interactive so people can add/delete themselfs from it. Be assured: by Dutch law we are forced to take mailingsdatabases very seriously, so when you delete yourself from our future mailing, we will NOT send you any mails anymore (not like some other sites we know or heard of). Programming this takes some time, but the initial interactive design is done.
  • Online games (Flash, Java, Applets?).
  • Platform PC game with possible added gamesserver and support.
  • Reimplement better online chatsystem (was available in the past but not used that much).
  • Poll system.
  • Petition system.
  • Shoutbox form action for up to the minute interaction with other fans.


Mmmmmedia... jummy! Some of which has been introduced in the past, but we are now thinking of providing online streaming video for your viewing pleasure. This and some of the below stuff will some day become available... on the one and only true Terminator media fansite!

  • Add/update/clean video archive (under development).
  • Add remaining articles from Michael Biehn collective.
  • Add HopeOfTheFuture Simpson references to articles.


As told in some section before, we are already HUGE. Three sections before this one, if we remember correct. Ooh... what the hell. Not that important. What IS important is that though we proclaim to be (or ARE)... there are lots of new interesting sections to add to our ever expanding website. Lets get them off the ground, shall we?

  • Cast/Crew fanmail addresses.
  • Characters section (all cast/crew/gaming).
  • Machines section (all Terminators, also HK's?).
  • Press page feature with logo's in AI, coding-snippets, banner info affiliates.
  • Weapons section (all fire-arms of all movies, check already featured article).


GIGs of hosting and bandwidth further... we might need to move to our own servers. Through we are also already happy with our current hosting-provider. With inclusion of lots of sections (including streaming videos) we might need a more stable hosting provider that provides more than we already got. But... can that even be possible, something bigger then!

  • Hosting for X gigs of Terminator related videos.
  • External server on backbone internet.


Being avid designers and programmers during our dayjobs, we get to know lots of interesting tools that help promote the website, or its interactive sections, and help the fans to get the best out of this and other communities. We are checking out lots of stuff and tools to be included in future updates.

  • Internal searchengine for ALL content.
  • Ticker with externally loaded news out of TF databases (also as desktop application?).
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