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“ Now... If what you're saying is true, surely there would be some evidence? ”

From an Pescadero interview video. Ellison checks that evidence in his fridge.

The Demon Hand

The Demon Hand

Main info

Sarah breaks into Agent Ellison's apartment and discovers a file on her from her time at the mental hospital, leading her to Dr. Silberman, a doomsday convert. Meanwhile Cameron signs up for a ballet class and John finds out why his mom escaped the mental hospital. Can Sarah stop the seemingly unstoppable chain of events that endanger the life of her son and the future of mankind?


Cameron steps off a motorcycle disguised as a police officer. She breaks into a power plant, finds a primary turbine, and then shoves her fist into it. This destroys the turbine and Los Angeles loses power.

She rides the motorcycle to the Central Los Angeles Police Department and walks through undetected. She punches open the door to evidence storage.

Sarah walks through a crypt.

Cameron finds an evidence box, Agent Ellison's is the last name on the list. She looks through box and finds nothing.

Sarah's flashlight illuminates the headstone of Andy Goode.

Derek now lies in bed, still recovering from his battle with the T-888 at the jail. Sarah tells him the T-888 is destroyed and she hasn't located Dmitri Shipkov, Andy's chess partner. Derek tells her to assign Cameron to it.

Cameron comes home and tells Sarah the FBI has the missing T-888 hand. Sarah tells Cameron to find Dmitri.

Sarah calls FBI, disguising herself as an evidence clerk. Sarah hears the man ask Ellison where the hand is, and he claims to not have it.

At home, Ellison watches footage of Sarah during her stay at Pescadero. Sarah's words on the tape click in Ellison's head. Ellison opens his freezer; the T-888's hand is in a bag.

Ellison stands in Sarah's cell at Pescadero with a doctor. The doctor tells Ellison that Silberman is living in the mountains.

Sarah breaks into Ellison's house, looking for the hand. She sees that Ellison has been looking at her Pescadero videos. Sarah grabs one and leaves.

Cameron does ballet in a class, taught by Dmitri's sister, Maria. Another Russian man shows up and Cameron listens in.

John finds Derek cleaning their arsenal of weapons on the floor of Sarah's room. Derek asks about Charlie, and John says he can be trusted. Derek is angry that John trusts Cameron. Sarah comes home and wants John to find an address. Derek tell Sarah that Cameron needs to leave for John's safety. In the other room, John finds Sarah's tape from Pescadero.

John puts headphones on and plays the tape. Tears well in his eyes.

Cameron tells Sarah she's following up on Dmitri and The Turk and Sarah tells Derek that Ellison has the hand. She thinks Ellison might know what's going on. John hands Sarah Silberman's address and hurries out the door. She then notices the tape in her bag is missing. She finds it John's VCR. She pushes it in and watches.

Inside Pescadero, a DCFS agent puts a document before Sarah. The papers waive all parental rights to John. Sarah signs.

Cameron and Derek stare at each other. Cameron eats a piece of pancake, then pushes the plate away. Derek says she might have fooled the Connors, but she isn't fooling him.

Ellison finds Dr. Silberman working in his yard. Silberman invites Ellison in for tea. The two sit and talk about Sarah and what she said inside Pescadero. Suddenly, Ellison gets dizzy, Silberman put something in the tea.

Cameron watches Maria Shipkov dance from the doorway. Cameron asks Maria about her brother. The man from before walks in, Cameron steps in, and kicks the man to the ground. Cameron tells Maria that she's looking for Dmitri, and that she can help him.

Silberman has tied Ellison to a chair. Silberman believes Ellison is from the future. Silberman finds a small knife and forces it deep into Ellison's leg. Ellison screams.

Derek stands in the yard, barefoot. Sarah tells Derek she's headed out to find Ellison. Derek asks her about Kyle and asks where his body is. Sarah says she'll take him one day.

Silberman crudely tourniquets Ellison's wound. Silberman speaks like a mad man about the apocalypse, and remembers when the T-800 came to Pescadero to save Sarah. Ellison listens closely and asks him more questions about the day Sarah escaped. Ellison tells Silberman that he came for his help, and he could prove that Sarah wasn't crazy. Silberman opens the trunk of Ellison's car and finds the T-888's hand inside a cooler. Silberman knows the hand must be destroyed, and then he drugs Ellison.

John hands Derek some clean shirts and tells Derek that he bounced from home to home while Sarah was in Pescadero. Derek tells John that being locked behind four walls and that can change how a person thinks.

Maria runs upstairs to Dmitri's hotel room with Cameron. Cameron asks Dmitri what happened to The Turk. He says a man came and offered him cash for The Turk. Dmitri threw the match so the man could take the machine. Cameron takes a piece of paper from Dmitri, then leaves. She passes two armed men on the way out. They kick open the door and Cameron exits with the sound of gunfire and screams.

Silberman douses his home with gasoline, Ellison is trapped in the middle. Silberman leaves the house, T-888 hand with him. Sarah intercepts Silberman, punches him in the face and takes the hand. The house begins to explode and Sarah hears a scream inside the house.

Rain pours on Silberman. Ellison, now freed, kicks him away and demands the hand. Silberman says Sarah took it.

Sarah asks Cameron about The Turk, she gives Sarah the paper. Sarah continues into John's room and tells him she didn't want him to see the tape. She asks if he noticed the date on the tape. John says it was the date Sarah gave up being his mother. Sarah replies that it was the date she broke out of Pescadero.

Sarah places the hand in thermite, and destroys it.

Ellison watches as guards lock Silberman into a room at Pescadero. Silberman screams about machines from the future.

Ellison sits in on a Bible reading group. Derek watches Cameron practicing ballet before a mirror. Cameron moves with the grace that a machine should not.


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