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“ I'm looking for my family. My mother and my brother. We were in an accident. I think they're hurt. ”

Since the explosion, Cameron has gone haywire. Can she be turned?

Samson and Delilah

Samson and Delilah

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After the Jeep explosion, John's 16th birthday makes him confront the fact that he's destined to be alone. Meanwhile, after Cromartie's massacre, Agent Ellison must face off against both the Feds and his faith.


Close on a damaged Cameron. From her point of view, we relive the jeep's explosion. Damaged, she struggles to pull herself out of the wreckage, removing a shard of metal from her skull. All the while, Sarkissian and his thug have trapped Sarah and John in the attic, searching for his stolen hard drive. As Cameron kills the thug, she accidentally sets the house ablaze, making it closer to Sarah and John in the attic...

...where she finds Sarkissian. He is dead. Both Sarah and John, traumatized. But who killed him? Damaged chip, Cameron locks on to John -- her programming reverts, and she's instructed to terminate him!

As the blaze nearly takes her out, Sarah throws John out the window and they're off... running, now from their one-time protector, Cameron.

In the aftermath of the FBI massacre, Cromartie leaves Agent Ellison alive, more confused than ever about the machines. Later with police and paramedics at the scene, Ellison and Charley Dixon share the silent secret of what actually happened. Ellison is called in to headquarters to give his report of the incident.

Sarah and John speed through town in a stolen van, and in a moment of distraction, she swerves into another car. Bleeding and hurt, Sarah and John take off on foot, leaving the scene of the accident. Because Cameron is coming...

Hearing the news of the fire on his walkie, Charley turns back and heads to the Connors' house. There he finds Derek Reese, dressed as a fireman to salvage the hard drive. Derek deduces that something went bad in their dealings with Sarkissian. Charley wonders what they were looking for? Andy Goode's the Turk, the chess-playing computer system that will become Skynet and blow up the world.

But the Turk's long gone. It's new owner? Meet Catherine Weaver, stunning but intense CEO of ZeiraCorp. Weaver makes plans to acquire the Turk from her henchman. She then instructs her assistant to call a meeting of her department heads.

Cameron enters a convenience store, cleans her face with baby wipes, and stuns a gawking customer when she staples her face back together. Never a dull moment with this cyborg.

At the scene of Sarah's car accident, Charley tells Derek that a witness saw a woman and teenage boy run off. Probably Sarah and John. But Cameron's also there, still hot on their trail... Meanwhile, an injured Sarah and John make plans to get off the street and find a safe place. They take solace in a small storefront church where she asks for help from the Priest.

Derek inquires as to Charley's plans and his feelings for Sarah. Sarah's one-time fiancee remains dedicated to his new wife, but Derek's skeptical.

With the Turk in hand, Catherine Weaver compares machines with humans. In an ominous moment, she caresses the Turk, the most human of all machines...

Sarah tries to talk to John about Sarkissian's murder, but he closes up again. They deduce that the explosion must have "flipped a switch" in Cameron, reverting her back to her original mission. John worries that she knows everything -- contingency plans, their identities, where they'll go, who they'll be. Sarah grasps the realization that they must kill her; tortured, John has no choice but to agree.

Special Agent in Charge at the FBI debriefs Ellison about George Laszlo (Cromartie's alter ego) and the raid on the FBI team. Ellison's claims now to know how "Laszlo" died, but we learn that someone setup a murder scene after the fact. Ellison lies, testifying under oath that Laszlo was killed by one of the now-dead FBI agents. The SAC relinquishes Ellison from duty -- sending him on leave for six weeks.

After spotting a trail of blood leading into the storefront Church, Cameron walks into a trap set by John and is electrocuted. He quickly tries to remove her chip, but isn't successful and she begins waking up. Sarah and John take off again, Cameron in hot pursuit...

Sarah steals a jeep, but Cameron knows where they're headed and beats them there. Sarah rolls through the streets of Los Angeles, but Cameron is waiting for them. Cameron then manages to flip the jeep with the Connors inside!

Even more badly bruised and injured, Sarah instructs John to run. Cameron tortures Sarah, instructing her to call out for him. But she knows he won't come. He's changed and is not the same boy that he was in New Mexico.

Desperate, John takes refuge in a truck warehouse, Cameron only moments behind him. He attempts to jumpstart a truck but Cameron hears him. She tosses a wrench at the windshield and begins climbing up on the hood but Sarah plows in with her own truck, trapping Cameron between the two!

Motors running, Sarah keeps Cameron trapped there as John removes her chip. Cameron pleads with him, tells him that she's fixed, that she is better, and even claims that she loves him. Emotional, Cameron begs and cries, but how much of it is real? Does she truly feel for him? John takes out her chip anyways.

Derek and Charley join up with the Connors and Charley treats their injuries. The heft of Sarkissian's death and knowledge of Cromartie's massacre weigh on John as he pleads to try and repair Cameron's chip. Sarah and Derek are adamant against it.

But John attempts to reconfigure Cameron's chip anyways. Sarah reminds John that Cameron's "confession" was a trick and that they don't have feelings. Preparing to burn Cameron's body, Derek covers her with thermite. But John's not ready to say goodbye and is convinced that his alterations to the chip have remedied Cameron's programming.

Taking a huge risk, John holds the others at gunpoint and replaces Cameron's chip. He hands Cameron his gun, her opportunity to kill him once and for all. Cameron's programming reads "terminate" but is eventually overridden. She will not try and kill him. Not now, anyways.

Ellison returns to the Connor house to survey the damage of the fire but finds Cromartie. Ellison promises that he will not lead Cromartie to the Connors. But Cromartie's dubious or perhaps he knows more than he's letting on: "we'll see..."

Catherine Weaver meets with the ZeiraCorp department heads and announces the formation of the new division: Babylon. Team members will be taken from all of the departments, which stresses out Justin Tuck, head of the A.I. division. But what exactly does Babylon do? "It'll change the world," Weaver proclaims.

Derek returns from the old house with as much of their clothes and belongings that he could salvage. He announces that Charley's gone home to his wife. Cameron and Sarah discuss faith as it relates to each of them; it's not part of Cameron's programming and Sarah claims to have seen too much to believe in a higher power. Cameron makes Sarah promise that if she ever goes bad again, she won't let John bring her back.

From outside the bathroom door Sarah again attempts to talk with John, offering the only advice she has. But John, too, has now seen too much, traumatized by the events of the day. Even with Sarah's attempts at love and protection, it is time for John Connor to grow up. Inside the bathroom, John has cut off his hair.

From one bathroom to another. Justin Tuck complains to another ZeiraCorp division head, Murch, about Weaver and her cryptic new project, Babylon. Murch warns him not to "bite the hand that feeds," shakes his head and exits. But Tuck's still annoyed. He moves to the urinal, unzips and begins peeing...

...and suddenly the urinal itself begins changing shape, moving, taking on a silverly quality. Tuck freezes in disbelief as the urinal transforms into Catherine Weaver! Weaver apologizes for offending him, points her long, metal finger at his forehead and spears him through the skull. He drops dead.

Meet the T-1001. The new face of Skynet.


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