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“ Derek, Sarah and Cameron go into a jewelry store to retrieve some of the stolen goods. Diamonds. ”

Diamonds are a Terminators best friend

The Brothers of Nablus

The Brothers of Nablus

Main info

The Connors get robbed, which puts them on high alert. Meanwhile, one Terminator gets very close to John, while another Terminator terrorizes Agent Ellison.


James Ellison, alone at home. There's a knock on the door. "James Ellison?" Ellison stares at himself -- or rather, a robotic version of himself. As he looks the end in the eye, Terminator Ellison is destroyed by... Cromartie?

...Yes, Cromartie still believes Ellison will lead him to John Connor.

Sarah, John, and Cameron return home to find their house burglarized. They scan the place and quickly discover the robbers must have been human (they even took some of their food!). IDs, credit cards, diamonds, Cameron's leather jacket -- all gone.

Derek wakes to his cell phone. He's spent the night in Jesse's hotel room. Sarah briefs him on the robbery. Derek tells her to head downtown and that he'll call with an exact location in half an hour.

Sarah wonders why the alarm system failed, but Cameron tells her that Riley climbed out John's window. John recklessly turned off the alarm for her -- she was supposed to turn it back on. Even Kacy stops by and is surprised to find the house in shambles. As Sarah and Cameron head to meet Derek, John's left to clean up the place. Sarah calls the credit card companies to report the missing cards.

At the halfway house Cameron spent time with Jody at, the Social Worker is visited by a surprise guest -- Cromartie -- fresh on the trail from the county records. He inquires about Cameron and meets Jody, who promises to help him find her. Jody asks if he's also looking for her brother, John Baum. "John Baum?" Uh-oh.

Back at Ellison's place, the police pay him a visit -- to arrest him. He's being held for the murder of one Peter Myers. Huh?

Derek takes Sarah and Cameron to his diamond fence, Moishe. Cameron identifies some of their diamonds in Moishe's collection. They ask for a name -- he says he'll do them a favor for Jesse. The name? "Walter Ostrowski." Outside, Sarah asks Derek who Jesse is, but he lies.

Jody rides with Cromartie, trying to find out who he really is. She asks him if he's going to hurt Cameron and John. "She try to kill you too?" Yes.

John and Riley shop for groceries to replace the stolen food. Meanwhile, Cromartie and Jody enter the store too! Jody knows it's the place where Cameron was arrested. The four almost cross paths, but miss each other by seconds...

At the police station, Ellison is identified as the perp in a lineup. He's then questioned by a detective. Among the questions, the detective asks Ellison why he stole the victim's clothes? We quickly know it wasn't this James Ellison, but the Terminator...

Sarah and Cameron find Ostrowski at his office, but he runs from them. They catch up with him outside and while threatening him, realize he had nothing to do with the robbery. In fact, they were used to do Moishe's bidding!

Sarah threatens Moishe for real information and gets him to admit he bought the diamonds from Tristan Dewitt.

Impatient, Jody waits for Cromartie as he goes door to door looking for John Connor. Annoyed with her, Cromartie shoves Jody out of the car and drives off.

Derek stops by to see Jesse, who is lounging outside by the hotel pool. He fills her in on Moishe; she says she'll have a talk with him. Derek wonders how long Jesse plans on keeping this up...

Cromartie shows up at Kacy's house (next door to the Connors), but she's immediately suspicious of his strange behavior and story when he claims Cameron is his "niece." As he approaches the Connor house, she calls...

...John, who's just gotten home with Riley. Thanks to Kacy's warning, John spots Cromartie at the door. John plans his escape but Riley says she'll "get rid of him." Cromartie pushes his way past her and into the house, while John grabs the shotgun. Finally convinced, Cromartie leaves the Connor house...

Sarah and Cameron visit Tristan Dewitt's parents and learn that he's a wasted bum who works at Saturn Video on La Brea.

Ellison's visited in jail by Catherine Weaver. She deduces correctly that it was another Ellison, a robotic one, that killed the man. She tells him she'll handle it.

Riley asks John about Cromartie and the story with him, but he doesn't give her real details.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Cameron head off to find Tristan Dewitt. She tells Sarah the story of the Brothers of Nablus. The credit card company calls Sarah and tells her that their card was used at a bowling alley in Van Nuys...

...but the report pops up on Cromartie's computer as well!

The detective that questioned Ellison earlier questions the witness again. The detective confirms that James Ellison appeared from an energy bubble and we quickly realize the detective is probably not the detective, but rather the T-1001...

At the empty bowling alley, Tristan Dewitt and his thug friends are surprised by Cameron and Sarah. Sarah realizes there is an extra pair of shows and goes off in search of the last person...

Cameron shoots them all and kills them. Sarah just looks on, knowing this time that Cameron made the right strategic move. Sarah finds the last one in the bathroom and it's just a scared, teenage boy. She threatens him but leaves him alive.

The detective lets Ellison go free -- claims the judge threw out the crazy witness's statement (who claimed to see an energy bubble spit out a naked man). Outside, the detective morphs into Catherine Weaver...

Derek shows up, gun pointed, at Moishe's place. There he finds Jesse, who has killed Moishe and his men. They collect the rest of the diamonds.

Ellison sits in his car, perched outside his ex-wife's house. She spots him, pays him a visit. He tells her he misses his old life, but she doesn't understand. She invites him in for coffee with her new husband, but he passes.

Sarah and Cameron return home to find John and a cleaned house. Sarah tells him that he can't bring people there anymore, especially Riley. Cameron reinforces that she's a security risk, but John reminds Cameron that Riley isn't the one that tried to kill him. John claims that they're just jealous of Riley, but Sarah says her job is to protect him. She wishes it were different. "Then why didn't you protect me when I was killing Sarkissian?" John asks...

Ellison stops by to see Weaver in her office. He believes he's being tested. "Like Job?" she asks.

Cromartie arrives at the bowling alley to find Tristan and the rest of the dead men. Cromartie's got the teenage boy from the bathroom tied up, questioning him about Sarah and the credit cards and the Connor house...

"She said she'd kill me."

"I promise you. She won't..."

...and we know things don't look good for the boy or the Connors.


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