Announcement: Sorry. No updates until our new fansite launches!
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476 zipped video downloads - 124 wallpapers in 6 resolutions each
5,000+ exclusive images - 27 different official scripts - 34 3D models - 36 unique design elements - 74 best (buddy)icons - 8 Terminator screensavers
91 fan goodies downloads - 3,800+ forum topics with more than 84,000 posts - 144 articles and clippings - 61 audio samples ... and more coming!
There is no news. We are building a new fansite.
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Version 3.0 of our fansite (the one you see before you) was relaunched on May 24th, 2010. We haven't posted any news... since we are more interested in providing our fans with what fans want; exclusive content. And preferably, the BEST content available. Thats our main goal!

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