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“ Free documents about all the movies and other Terminator related stuff. ”

Check out the downloads below!

Terminator Script downloads

Scripts, drafts and fanmade stuff

Main info

Below are some documents available for download. Original scripts, several drafts of the movies, some fanmade stories and other documents that have to do with the saga movies. All have been compressed to .ZIP format. Click links to auto download them to your harddrive (or to open them with your default compression tool).

Right click the files and choose 'Save target as...' to download them to your disk!

The Terminator scripts

Name Author
Treatment - Jul, 1982 James Cameron
4th Draft - Apr 20th, 1983 James Cameron
5th Draft - Mar 11/19, 1984 James Cameron & Gale Anne Hurd

Terminator 2: Judgment Day scripts

Name Author
Revised Script - Sep 10th, 1990 James Cameron & William Wisher
Revised Final Shooting Script James Cameron & William Wisher
Omitted Scenes James Cameron & William Wisher
Stan Winston Effects Index T2 Productions Inc.

T2:3D Battle Across Time scripts

Name Author
Script - Jan 11th, 1995 James Cameron
Fan Revised Script - Aug 10th, 2006 Matt Hurless

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines scripts

Name Author
Old Script Review Holly Feld
T3 Script (PDF) Tedi Sarafian
T3 Dialogue Transcript, 2003 Unknown
Production Notes - WB, 2003 Warner Bros.
Main Credits - WB, 2003 Warner Bros.
End Credits - WB, 2003 Warner Bros.

Terminator 4: Salvation scripts

Currently no scripts available. Looking to launch asap.

Fanmade scripts

Name Author
T3: Apocalypse, 1997 Andrew Link
T3: Armageddon - Draft, 1996 Daniel L. Perez
T3: Armageddon - Draft, 1997 Daniel L. Perez
T3: Final Retribution Ross Cooper
   Alternate Ending #1, #2 and #3 Ross Cooper
T3: Tempest, 1999 Bernard S Gaidasz & Douglas J Lane
T4: Bleak Future, 2004 Chase Kuertz
T4: Foundation, 2008 H/K Unit
T4: Hope of the Future, 2003 Maurice Huijs
T4: Hope of the Future, 2004 2nd Draft Maurice Huijs
T4: Years of Darkness, 2006 Ross Cooper
T5: Ashes of War, 2008 Ross Cooper


TerminatorFiles is not responsible for the 'views', 'ideas', 'political' or other (in)direct 'statements' one might find in the scripts. The opinions expressed aren't necessarily those of the editor or the fan that send us (the link to) the script! Some fanmade documents might go into details not known throughout the saga, the main movies or other respected resources.

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