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“ Don't worry Sarah. I'm here. I'm watching. I'm always watching. ”

Sarah got shot and a recurring daydream helps her through it

The Good Wound

The Good Wound

Main info

Sarah gains strength from images of Kyle Reese, John's father, while she's hurt. Weaver attempts to save John Henry.


Hospital. IVs. And Sarah Connor. Flashes of earlier -- the three-dots on her basement wall, Eileen aka Alan Park, her brutal gun fight in the warehouse. And a familiar voice: John's father, Kyle Reese. A deputy questions Sarah's nurse but she has no information about her patient.

Bullet still in her leg, Sarah yanks off her IV and crawls out of bed. In pain and barely capable of moving, she looks up to find the image of Kyle and his familiar, "come with me if you want to live."

Outside her room, the deputy hears a noise and enters to a see a shattered window. Sarah surprises him and chokes him out. She grabs his gun and escapes down the hall, the image of Kyle guiding her. Kyle convinces Sarah to call Derek for help.

Derek's on his way out of Jesse's hotel room to meet John and Riley at the hospital. He explains that Riley tried to kill herself and hospitals are dangerous for fugitives. Jesse asks how Riley is. "Alive."

At the hospital John explains to Derek that the paramedics got to the house before she lost too much blood. Derek questions John's decision to bring her to a hospital -- full of social workers, cops, etc. "I made the call. Live with it," John retorts. He then explains to the doctor that they can't call her foster family because he believes something bad may be happening.

Hobbling outside the desert hospital, Sarah explains to Derek about the warehouse where they're building something made out of coltan. Sarah asks Derek to destroy all the evidence of her -- burn the Jeep and everything else.

Derek tells John that Sarah's been shot. John wants to go to her immediately, but Derek tells him to stay. He'll go. "You made your call, this is what living with it means."

The image of Kyle comforts Sarah in the parking lot. There Sarah surprises a young, female doctor with a gun to her back. "You a doctor? I'm a patient." Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Pained, Sarah hobbles into a motel room with the doctor, Felicia. There, again, sits the image of Kyle Reese. He tells Sarah to ease up on the doctor. Sarah tells the doctor that she has a bullet in her leg and she needs it out. She can't go to the hospital. The doctor tries to examine her, but can't do so with the gun in her face. Sarah eases up. "Who hurt you?" Felicia sees all of the marks and scars on Sarah's body and takes it to mean she's been abused. Felicia is empathetic, she understands.

Deputy and another Officer go through Sarah's bloodied Jeep where they've found the recording of Eileen retracing her steps at the hypnotherapist. The Officer gets a call.

At the hospital, they see the damages in Sarah's room and quickly figure out she's "accustomed to her circumstances." They quickly learn that Sarah's taken Dr. Felicia Burnett hostage. The Deputy seems to know her. They set off on the trail...

Back in the motel room, Felicia tries to get the bullet out as best she can considering the circumstances.

John visits Riley in her room. Cameron follows behind. Riley apologizes for her idiotic behavior. They leave her to rest, Cameron still suspicious.

Sarah, still guided by the image of the late Kyle Reese, awakes and screams out "Reese!" Felicia wasn't able to get the bullet out, not in the motel room. Sarah thinks she's lying but Felicia's proven otherwise -- she had her opportunity to give her up and didn't. The bullet's dug in over Sarah's artery -- if Felicia hits it Sarah will bleed out. They need to get somewhere she can look at it. "I know what it is to be afraid," she tells Sarah.

James Ellison visits John Henry in his basement room. John Henry teaches him about toy Bionicles and their range of motion. Furthermore, he's accessed the internet to find out more about his body, using the name "James Ellison" in his search.

Stunned, Ellison confronts Weaver about John Henry's access to the internet. She felt it would be a good idea for his development if he is able to find answers for his questions. But Ellison has his concerns...

The Deputy and the Officer find the motel room abandoned. Meanwhile, Sarah and Felicia try to break into the desert hospital by putting Sarah under a sheet on the gurney.

Cameron waits with John at Riley's hospital. "What would future me do?" John asks Cameron. "Future you has more important things to do" than worry about Riley, Cameron responds. Meanwhile, Riley has her own surprise visitor -- Jesse. Time to go.

Felicia sneaks Sarah into the desert hospital's basement morgue. Her legs getting worse. When Felicia goes to get supplies for the surgery, Sarah calls Derek again to check in. He's cleaning up and looking for the warehouse. He also tells Sarah that John's girlfriend is turning into a problem. "Been a problem," she retorts. Kyle by her side, Sarah confesses to Derek that she has a serious problem with her leg. "Don't worry about John," Derek tells her.

Catherine Weaver visits John Henry in the basement room. John Henry reveals that he knows she's not human. "You're made of metal. Not the same metal as I am, but metal." "Have you shared this with anybody?" she wonders. He hasn't and he shouldn't.

John Henry tells Weaver that he knows he is made of coltan from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Curiously, he has also discovered that Weaver and ZeiraCorp have been buying up coltan reserves all over the world. During the "coltan" internet search, John Henry stumbled upon an audio recording discussing "sixteen tons of coltan" from the Desert Heat and Air company warehouse (after Sarah's gunfight). Weaver's curiosity is piqued. When he asks Weaver what she was doing she tells him that "everything I do, I do for you."

Felicia operates on Sarah's wound with an arthroscope. Unfortunately, this means she needs to put Sarah under and take her gun. With Kyle by her side, she does.

John and Cameron talk to Riley's doctor and learn that she's missing. They're searching for her. John wants to find her, but Cameron stops him. They don't need to find her.

In her hotel room, Jesse lectures Riley but learns that it was all an act. There was a girl in high school that killed herself that John regretted he couldn't save. It was all for his benefit. Riley wants to stay with Jesse, but Jesse will only let her an hour.

At the factory in the warehouse, employees are packing everything up and are surprised by Weaver and her liquid metal blades. She struts through the entire factory, slicing each employee, one by one! Last but not least, an EXPLOSION. And from the fire and the flames emerge the liquid metal T-1001 in her white dress. Catherine Weaver.

Both the Deputy and Officer listen to Eileen's murder on the recording device. They immediately realize that the sound of the ammunition isn't from Sarah's gun but is the same type of gun that put a bullet in her. Outside, an explosion. They run out to find Sarah's exploded Jeep! Distracted, Derek takes his chance inside and burns the file and takes the Deputy's laptop.

Felicia's able to remove the bullet from Sarah's leg while Sarah dreams of Kyle Reese and a post-apocalyptic, burnt tree. In her fantasy Kyle tells her that him and Derek used to visit the tree. He digs up a box which contains her photo, the polaroid John gives him in the future. He kisses her one last time, her one true love...

Sarah wakes when Derek shows up. But Felicia thinks he's been abusing her and holds him at gunpoint. But Derek pulls his weapon out too as the Deputy shows up. Felicia tells the Deputy to go away, but he won't listen. It quickly becomes clear that this is the man that was abusing her. Felicia shoots and kills the Deputy which surprises even herself. Derek grabs Sarah to hit the road... Sarah tells Felicia to let the police believe that she's done this...

"Sarah, was anything you said the truth?" Felicia asks.

"I got shot."

On the road, Derek drives Sarah out of the desert. She decides she finally wants to explain to Derek about John and Kyle but he doesn't need an explanation. In the distance they spot something -- a huge cloud of fuming smoke coming from where the warehouse once stood....


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