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Main info

We at already link to hundreds of the best websites, and would love to see them (or any other party for that matter) link back to us. Plain and simple links are fine with us... we do not like flashed out and crazy banners, thought those too will come soon.

Check out the linking subjects below, some info on how to link, how to grab graphics and (preferably) load them onto your own hosting or server, with some specific graphics and other tidbits upcoming.

Download vs. Link to

We'd prefer if you downloaded the banners below to your own website and/or blog, placing them in your own structure and linking them to our main url It could however be that you do not own a big 'hosting' or you do not know how to add them to your own website/structure. In that case it is no problem if you change your code to facilitate external loaded graphics. Or you can leave a textual link instead. Check the example coding below.

<a href="" target="_blank">
<img src="" alt="TerminatorFiles" title="The Terminator Files" border="0">

The number (XX) after the name 'bn_terminatorfilesXX.jpg', refers to the banner as stated below.

There are however some tidbits that downgrade this method:

  • Though our newest server is very reliable, any server-lag results in no banners at your site.
  • If we change the banners or their names, the graphics are no longer available at your site.
  • The external loaded graphics take a bit more time to load, since they do not reside on your own server or hosting provider.
  • Since you load graphics through our server, our own bandwidth increases significantly. This of course depends on how many people directly link towards our material, wich increases with the number of linking users and the number of loads of their websites.

Basicly, we'd prefer that you download the graphics (right click on image and choose "Save image as...") and load them onto your own website/structure. In this case you are always sure the graphic is available... even if we change it or our own website structure.


Interested in smaller and less intrusive banners? Specificly made for blogs... we present to you small badges you can use anywhere. Copy the images to your sitestructure, or drag them your desktop. Then link to any and all pages you want on our site, with the help of the code as presented above. Thanx in advance!


Download (or directly link to) these banners below. Some other banners are in the making, including dynamic Flashed banners which should facilitate the latest news on our site, or direct links to our own forum. More to come whenever they are done ;).

The banners are already equiped with their own white borders, to facilitate a exclusion of the possible graphics around them. The code thus does not need border set to 1 (border="0" or style="border: 0px;"), except when you really want them to.

Please link the banners with the following URL:! You can however link to any section you prefer, since our site is frameless and loads enough reference links to the other sections. The main URL however works best, just because it directs the visitors to the latest news and updates. - Banner 01 - Banner 02 - Banner 03

Text links

Don't want to use any of the banners? Then a simple text link is fine. Just as long as you use our full name with two capital letters (TerminatorFiles)... just for general recognision! You can also add some predefined text or make one up for yourself. Check one of the examples below:

  • TerminatorFiles
  • | We've got detailed files!
  • Click here... for the best Terminator fanportal!
  • Terminator Collectible reviews?
  • ... or anything else you can think of

To facilitate a text link in your site, you can use the following example coding (with any page fitted within the <a href=""> designator):

<a href="" target="_blank"> Place your text here! </a>

Its also possible to directly link to any section in our entire site. Just find that special page, item, download or collectible you want to link to, copy its address out of the URL address-bar and add it to your link (i.e. replacing the between the quotes in the above example). This can be helpfull if you want to direct your visitors to our Fan.Goodies downloads, our Web.Links section or i.e. to any of our reviewed collectibles or news. Our site is frameless and every page links to all available sections, so possible visitors are sure to find their way around the site.

Custom stuff

The above banners are all the same size. We are however very willing to facilitate any specific banners in your own design, with their own sizes or whatever else you would like to enable. Any means to link to us can be achieved! Just contact us with your request.

We are interested in programming some dynamic banners which should facilitate news directly onto your own site. Though this takes conciderable time to work on all kinds of servers, be sure to be on the lookout for them to appear sometime soon on this page. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Banners linking to news
  • Banners linking to collectibles
  • Dynamic (Flash)banners
  • Animated gifs
  • Mini-banners
  • External loadable search

More to come... in due time ;)

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