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“ Keep informed on all things Terminator with our totally new and awesome Feedburner RSS feed ”

Not just news, but special reports and updates as well

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Subscribe to our feed and get informed with the latest news around any- and everything Terminator related. And not just news, but also special offers, collectibles news, updates, goodies and much much more!

Check below for more information on RSS feeds, and join ours to keep ahead of the rest with any- and all things Terminator related.


For the moment we only feature one feed that offers all the info about our entire site, with links and description to the latest news, but also lots of special info on updates to our site and liated services, like for instance our forums. We'll do our best to add info on newly added images, articles, FanProjects, desktops, dowloads, videos, great online finds and lots and lots more.

FeedBurner TerminatorFiles RSS

Our feed is powered by Google's Feedburner. Check the banner above, follow the link and check the many possible RSS readers shown in the new browser tab or window.


If for any reason the Feedburner banner or link does not work, you may also load the RSS feed through the options below.

  • Drag the orange RSS icon into your Reader
  • Click the orange RSS button and drag the URL into your Reader
  • Click the orange RSS button and cut and paste the URL into your Reader
  • One-click subscription in Readers (see below)

Why use RSS?

RSS feeds let you stay up to date with the latest content from and countless other sources (BBC, Reuters, CNN, CNet News, The Register etc.), without needing to check them for what's new throughout the day or week.

To most people, RSS stands for 'Really Simple Syndication'. If you're new to RSS, the first thing to do is to get yourself a little piece of software called a News Aggregator, also known as a News Reader, or even the shortest description, Reader. This will act like your own personal mailbox. It will display the latest headlines from all your favourite websites and you can link through to the stories.

There are plenty of Readers available (here's a list of news aggregators at Yahoo!'s site, many of them free). Install one and just follow your Readers instructions to start adding RSS feeds from your favourite sites.

If you want a very detailed description of the usage of RSS Readers and interesting facts about the format, then be sure to check the Google Feed 101 Feedburner Help Center.

We hope you'll enjoy our feeds and hope they help you to delve even deeper into the TerminatorFiles and all things Terminator related.

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