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“ Chronology of events in movies, comics and games. ”

Originally created by Terminator fan Julian

Chronology Terminator events

A narrative Terminator chronology

Main info

The following list of events from movies, comics and games has been made by Terminator fan Julian. For easy reference (or by worst case scenario, that his list disappears from the net), we copied it onto the TerminatorFiles website. All credits for this comprehensive list go to Julian Darius (whos original webpage unfortunately no longer exists).

TerminatorFiles remark

Many people have mailed us that this Chronology is out of date, especially with the events portrayed in the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Terminator 4: Salvation and lots of other sources like new comics. We are working on making a very big new Chronology that is way better then this one, but this takes a lot of time. Bare with us... read the following as an 'old' thingie.
More to come in due time!

Julian Darius, original creator of the list, explains...

"Note that this chronology does not proceed in a chronological manner. Put differently, the Terminator timeline changes due to time travel: although the original film suggests that time cannot be changed, with any intervention back in time leading inexorably to the same future, subsequent movies embraced the idea that time could be changed."

"Consequently, the chronology continues until someone sends someone back in time, then continues at the point of arrival in the past, continuing again until someone is sent back in time."

"This ingenious manner of displaying a chronology of contradictory timelines is made clearer in the table below by bolded section indicating when time has been changed (or, in essence, rebooted)."


Things happening in the movies, comics and games.

Date Ref. Event
1955 Comic Ellis Ruggles (then 21) arrives in Los Angeles from the future, sent to watch over Sarah Connor in case another Terminator arrives (established in 'The Terminator: One Shot').
1959 Movie Sarah Connor born (established on the plaque in her tomb in 'T3').
1965 Comic Corporal Graves arrives from the future on a freeway in Los Angeles and is hit and killed five seconds later (established in 'The Terminator: One Shot').
May 1984 Movie A model T-101 arrives in Los Angeles from the future, sent to terminate Sarah Connor, followed soonafter by Sgt. Kyle Reese of the human resistance, sent by John Connor [Sarah's son and the leader of the resistance] to protect Sarah Connor; Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor make love, leading to her [paradoxical] conception of John Connor; inside the Cyberdyne factory, T-101 kills Sgt. Reese and Sarah destroys T-101 in a hydraulic press; Cyberdyne discovers T-101's intact metal arm [paradoxically leading to the creation of Skynet, as if this was the way things originally happened] (From 'T1').
Comic While the right Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese fight the T-101 in Los Angeles, a different 800-model Terminator (who looks like a woman) arrives in Los Angeles and finds another Sarah Connor (a fourth), becoming so by her recent marriage to an artist named John Connor, pursuing her to San Francisco, where she and her husband are honeymooning; Ellis Ruggles (sent from the future to 1955) dies protecting her, but the Terminator takes her with it to the bottom of the city's bay, leaving only John Connor and Ruggles's pet monkey ('The Terminator: One Shot', 51 pages with a single pop-up, written by James Robinson with Matt Wagner painted art, published by Dark Horse in 1991).
1985 Sarah Connor gives birth to John Connor (extrapolated from her impregnation in May 1984, from 'T1').
1994 Movie While Sarah and John Connor are living in Baja, she is diagnosed with leukemia and given six months to live, though she will live for three years, long enough to save the world in 'T2' (established in 'T3' in the scene occurring in her tomb).
June 1995 (1) Movie John Connor and Kate Brewster kiss in Mike Kripke's basement the day before 'T2' (established in 'T3').
Movie A T-101 reprogrammed by the resistance arrives in Los Angeles from the future, sent to protect John Connor, followed soonafter by a T-1000 sent to terminate John Connor; after escaping the T-1000 in a dramatic chase, John Connor orders T-101 to retrieve his mother Sarah Connor from the hospital, where the three avoid T-1000 again; after recuperating, Sarah returns to L.A. to kill Miles Bennett Dyson, the man most responsible for Skynet's creation at Cyberyne; she wounds him but cannot kill him, though John and T-101 convince him to destroy his life's work; the four set explosive charges and retrieve the intact metal arm from the 1984 T-101, but a SWAT team enters the building and kills Dyson before charges explode, destroying Cyberdyne; T-1000 attacks the three, leading to a chase ending at a steel mill, where T-1000 is melted and T-101 is deliberately melted as well ('T2').
1997 Movie Sarah Connor dies of leukemia; John Connor hits the roads, living a nomadic life, taking odd jobs; unknown to her son John, her body is cremated in Mexico, her ashes scattered in the sea; her will (presumably in case history wasn't changed in 'T2') provides for weapons to be stored in her coffin (established in 'T3', the date is given on the plaque in her tomb).
Movie CRS (CyberResearch Systems) at Edwards Air Force Base, commanded by General Brewster, inherits Cyberdyne's patents and begins making robotic weapons, including T-1 robots and prototype hunter-killers, as well as Skynet itself (established in 'T3').
Movie In response to a virus disrupting most of the world's computers, Skynet is activated, triggering a nuclear Armageddon, merely delayed after time was changed in 'T2' (established in 'T3').
2003 (2) Movie The T-X arrives in Los Angeles from the future, sent to terminate John Connor and his lieutenants, followed soonafter by a T-101 reprogrammed by the resistance, sent to protect Katherine Brewster and John Connor; the T-X kills lieutenants Jose Barrera (working at a fast food restaurant) and then Elizabeth and William Anderson (then young adults); Kate Brewster encounters John Connor, who she last saw in junior high (just before 'T2'); after battling the T-X, Kate and John escape with the T-101, and the three visit Sarah Connor's tomb, getting the guns there and again fighting the T-X; the T-101 explains that General Brewster at Edwards Air Force Base activates Skynet that same day, leading to nuclear Armageddon hours later, and that the T-X will now go after General Brewster, which Kate orders the T-101 to help prevent; Gen. Brewster activates Skynet while the T-X infiltrates the base, taking control of the base's robots; the T-101, Kate, and John arrive, but the T-X kills Gen. Brewster, who dies ordering his daughter to go to Crystal Peak to deactivate Skynet; at Crystal Peak, the T-101 dies killing the T-X, but Kate and John find that the base is not Skynet's core (it doesn't have one) but rather a 1960s-era Presidential nuclear shelter, and they hear by radio of the nuclear holocaust outside ('T3').
Game Terminator 3: War of the Machines (follows the plot of the movie but also has scenes in the future).
Movie John Connor and Katherine Brewster presumably survive the fallout in Crystal Peak, forming a relationship and the core of the human resistance; Kate Brewster becomes second in command, and they have children who become important in the resistance.
2029 Movie The human resistance breeches the robots' master control just in time to see the T-101 (of 'T1') dematerialize; Sgt. Kyle Reese volunteers and is sent back to stop it (established in 'T1').
2029 Comic The T-101 (seen in 'T1') was actually the second of two Terminators sent back to 1984, the first having looked like a woman; while the last of the 800-models counterattack, John Connor sends Ellis Ruggles back to 1955 and Corporal Graves back to 1965 to watch over Sarah Connor's life before 1984; John Connor apparently plans to destroy the time machine (established in 'The Terminator: One Shot').
July 4th 2032 Movie A T-101 infiltrates the resistance and kills John Connor.
Movie A T-X is sent by the machines back in time to kill John Connor and his lieutenants; Kate has the T-101 assassin reactivated and sent back in time (established in 'T3').


  1. In the opening of 'T3', John Connor narrates at the beginning that he was 13 in 'T2', which is at odds with this chronology.
  2. The date of 'T3' is speculative. In the middle of 'T3' (just before the T-101 removes his fuel cell), John Connor states that 'T2' was over 10 years ago; afterwards, he refers to the present as "10 years later" than 'T2'.

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