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“ The BEST collectibles from the original vendors! ”

Don't pay outrages ammounts, get it at the source!

Terminator Files shop

Terminator shopping

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The best Terminator deals one can find on the net... all collected on one easy page!

Latest additions

These items are the newest collectibles that have been launched. If you are interested in acquiring them, be sure to following the links to more in depth sales info... and order yours while they still last!

T-600 Life-Size Bust T-600 12-inch Figure Weathered Sarah Connor 12-inch Figure John Connor 12-inch Figure Final Battle T-800 12-inch Figure Black T-700 Life-Size Bust Salvation Folding Knives Terminator Leather Jacket T-800 1:2 Scale Bust Fuel Cell Lighter John Connor 12-inch Figure T-700 12-inch Figure


Listen and experience the movies over and over again... with these Official Motion Picture Soundtracks. You just gotta love the classic music of Brad Fiedel, the one and only artists that created the 'heartbeat' behind the Terminator movies.

The Terminator Official Motion Picture Soundtrack T2: Judgment Day Official Motion Picture Soundtrack


Is it a headknockers or a bobblehead? Whats in a name! These detailed little knockers are a cool addition to any collection. They also work great as a cool little collectible object on your desk at the office. We're speaking of experience here ;).

Sarah Connor Bobble Head


Cool busts of many of the Terminator saga characters. Either in scale or even better... the full scale 1:1 battle damaged Arnold bust. These are soo cool... and we know this ourselfs, since we own most of them ourselfs. Get them yourself, now!

T-600 Life-Size Bust T-700 Life-Size Bust Arnold Bronze Charicature T-800 Life-Size Bust T-800 1:2 Scale Bust Endo Bust Life-size Combat Edition


Check out these great comics! Now available as Omnibus versions, with all the comics of entire series bundled together.

Terminator Omnibus (Vol. 1)


Watch episode of the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles for a few dollars, or what about the entire movies. This is soo cool... you gotta love the technology available on the Internet.

T3: Rise of the Machines Video Download (Rental) T:SCC Episode Video Downloads


DVD's with the movies, just in case you either do not own them, or are seeking that special edition you do not own yet. Or maybe you're interested in buying that new format, with all the new specials? Check them out over at!

The Terminator DVD The Terminator DVD The Terminator Blu-ray T2: Judgment Day Extreme DVD T2: Judgment Day Ultimate Edition T2: Judgment Day Blu-ray T:SCC Season 1 DVD set T:SCC Season 1 Blu-ray T3: Rise of the Machines Blu-ray T3: Rise of the Machines HD DVD T3: Rise of the Machines Widescreen Edition DVD


Well... actually these are sold as toys, but us grown-ups rather call them figures ;). Or 'Action figures'. These collectibles come with their own clothing, added weapons, special exclusive items, ready to pose in any form you want (or leaving them in the box, posing in your collectible cabinets. Check the McFarlane section for a collection of specific collectibles!

T-600 12-inch Figure Weathered Sarah Connor 12-inch Figure John Connor 12-inch Figure Final Battle T-800 12-inch Figure Black John Connor 12-inch Figure T-600 12-inch Figure T-600 12-inch Figure Exclusive T-700 12-inch Figure 4-inch T2 Random Figure Endo 4-inch T2 Random Figure T-800 4-inch T2 Random Figure T-800 4-inch T2 Random Figure T-800 4-inch T2 Random Figure T-800 4-inch T2 Random Figure T-800 NECA Cult Classic Endo NECA 18-inch Endoskeleton Kenner Ultimate Terminator Super Classic 15-inch Endoskeleton Light-up Toy T2 Kubricks Set


"Smash those moddafockers into junk!", as Kyle would say. But you can do it over and over again with some of these fabulous games. Dawn of Fate for instance has a real gloomy world, but other have big big action in them. Check them out!

Terminator Dawn of Fate (Xbox) T3: Rise of the Machines (PlayStation 2) T3: The Redemption (PlayStation 2) T3: War of the Machines (PC)


Kits are generally concidered to be figures one has to snap together oneself. Be it with several joints or even only a few part to fit on each other. Fully poseable and self-contained, these are real lookers that would fit any collection with ease.

All sold out!


This manufacturer is probably concidered to be one of the best in the market, with sweet collectible figures that are real lookers. Released in full sets accompaniing the characters in the movies. Check out these items!

McFarlane T2 Endo McFarlane T2 Sarah Connor McFarlane T2 T-800 McFarlane T3 T-850 McFarlane T3 T-850 with coffin McFarlane T3 T-X McFarlane T3 T-X Endo McFarlane T3 12-inch Figure McFarlane T3 End Battle Diorama


Printed stuff, to read, collect, review or trade. Books with continued reading, expanding on the already rich Terminator universe. Or trading cards to share with friends (or keep sealed for future trading).

The Art of Terminator Salvation (Hardcover) Terminator Salvation: The Official Movie Novelization (Mass Market Paperback) Terminator Salvation: The Movie Companion (Paperback or Hardcover) Terminator Salvation: From the Ashes: The Official Prequel Novelization (Mass Market Paperback) T2: Judgment Day Movie Trading Cards Sealed T3: Terminator Hunt (Paperback)


These items are the biggest contendors on the market. They sell out fast, though most are also a bit outrages in expenses (though we know many in the Terminator community that own them. The 1:1 replica of the Endoskeleton must be the ultimate collectibles, with the busts of the Endo head in a well deserved second place! We LOVE them!

Salvation Folding Knives Fuel Cell Lighter Terminator Leather Jacket Endoskeleton Life-size Veteran Edition


Full to scale figures of the movie characters. The T-800 is probably the most memorable collectible out there and with these statues its trademark features are spot on! And that for such a small price.

Endoskeleton 1:2 Replica T-700 Factory Diorama 1:6

Seeking vendors

TerminatorFiles is always roaming the net to search for great offers... and you can help! Got a company that makes collectibles? Is your company on the most highest point of the sales hirarchy? Or do you as a fan know where to find some fantastic deals? Then be sure to contact us. We are happy to provide links, through this and lots of other pages. Companies can check back with us on our very easy conditions for promoting on our site(s).

Sold out collectibles

These items are sold out and/or out of production. It could be that some of them are back up, with new items returned by customers. Click them to check out the sales info pages and if you are lucky... that possible last one available.

Endoskeleton Life-size Chrome Edition Endoskeleton 1:4 Replica Endoskeleton Arm Life-size Replica Endoskeleton Arm 1:2 Replica Endoskeleton Arm 1:2 Replica Endo Bust Life-size Chrome Edition Endoskeleton Bobble Head Endoskeleton Bobble Head Endo Xtreme Dform Statue Hot Toys Endo Poseable Kit Battle Damaged Hot Toys Endo Poseable Kit Hunter Killer Aerial 20-inch Hunter Killer Aerial 20-inch Hunter Killer Aerial 60-inch Hunter Killer Tank 7-inch Hunter Killer Tank Maquette John Connor Bobble Head John Connor Bobble Head John Connor Mini-bust Phased Plasma Rifle Life-size Replica Phased Plasma Rifle 1:2 Replica Rosebox Shotgun Life-size Replica Sarah Connor 12-inch Figure Sarah Connor 12-inch Figure Exclusive Sarah Connor Bobble Head Schwarzenegger T3 Fine Art Print T-800 12-inch Figure T-800 12-inch Figure Exclusive T-800 16-inch Polystone Statue T-800 Battle Damaged Mini-bust T-800 Bobble Head T-800 Bobble Head T-800 Xtreme Dform Statue T-800 Legendary Scale Bust T-800 Legendary Scale Bust T-800 Mini-bust T-800 Premium Format 1:4 T-800 Premium Format 1:4 Exclusive T-1000 12-inch Figure T-1000 12-inch Figure Exclusive T-1000 Bobble Head T-1000 Bobble Head T-1000 Legendary Scale Bust T-1000 Legendary Scale Bust T-1000 Mini-bust TX Life-size Replica Bust TX Chromed Polystone Mini-bust

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