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“ This is THE section for your despirately needed dose of Terminator drug injections! ”

Thinking of a different punchline for this section... but what the hell

Terminator media, images, scripts, videos and more

Media libraries

Main info

We've downloaded gigs of data over the last few years. Images, video, audio, software, fonts and all other things we found related to the Terminator saga. Thousands of items people can find themselfs, spread amongst the web, on other sites, big and small, reproduced into infinity.

Not at TerminatorFiles! Of all the content we ourselfs ever found, we've selected those items you will not find on many of the other (fan)sites or portals. Or maybe you will... whenever they decide to copy our content. Thats upto them since we think all this material spread on the net should stay a free-for-all. Of course all content is copyrighted to their original authors or copyright holders.

To keep it as legit as possible, you won't even find any TerminatorFiles references of any sort on top of any of the content. Not on the images, not in front of the videos. This might be counterproductive when it comes to advertising our site and content, but as said in many sections, we hate this as much as you do, soo why bother.

Nothing but the original high quality exclusive stuff we could (and still) find. Soo... digg right in!

Articles and clippings

Whom ever is interested in getting a lot more info on subjects related to the Terminator Saga, has to read the articles. These articles range from reviews of the movies, information on (post-) production, artificial intelligence, warfare, and other very 'dry' and 'theoretical' information. Check the full articles listing... or open any of the direct sections below.

Audio samples

Some sounds and samples of great dialog portrayed in the Terminator movies. We've check through hundreds of files and chose the best to be presented on this simple but effective audio page. Sometime soon we'll also feature exclusive sounds and/or music that you'll not be able to download anywhere else on the net.

Image archives

Exclusive imagery of the Terminator movies, including but not limited to, animated gifs, makeup, sfx, set photos, (official) promotional material, logos, cgi, attraction, art and more... devided in easy subjected sections. Some of the images can be found in lots of different sections, but we have given them all unique names, ready to be reviewed by all.

Scripts / Documents

Original scripts, several drafts of the movies, fanmade stories and other documents that have to do with the saga movies. Available for download in compressed (.zip or .rar) formats or possibly other formats for easy viewing. The long read, so to speak.

Video downloads

Videos of the Terminator saga. Not just the over exhausted trailers you see on lots of other sites around us, but high quality, high volume, full formatted video footage of all things Terminator. Fanmovies, specials, never before seen films and lots and lots more exclusive video materials. You'll have to see it, to believe it!

Upcoming stuff

We are always on the look out for lots of interesting stuff to include into our media archives. And... we are also in the midst of resampling lots of videos ourselfs, in different formats, or even in HD online streaming quality. These include official teasers and trailers, but as stated before, also lots of exclusive content you will not find anywhere else. Soo... keep coming around to see whenever we've launched more content. You'll be back! ;).

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