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“ Cool fan initiatives defining new Terminator worlds where anything goes! ”

Check out what fans made themselfs!

Fan made Terminator projects


Main info

Theres this thing called 'Expanded Universe'. Normally referenced by due to new characters or machines developed in games or described in books and comics. But it can also be assigned to fans and their own initiatives. Ideas that broaden their own (and other fans) views on the entire Terminator saga; their own modded or new games, kitbashed toys evolving to new collectibles or anything else that defines a entire new world around the Terminator.

This section is dedicated to those fans that started their own additions to the ever expanding saga. Helping them evolve and promote their own ideas, with added stories, info, images, videos or whatever else they'd like to share. Its the fans that are the driving force behind the Terminator success... and we at are here to help them promote it in their own little section on the web.

We even have some ideas ourselfs that would be cool to start by any interested party/fan. So, without further adue... check out the different FanProjects and be amazed by the broad and creative minds that entail the ever growing active fanbase!


Lots of fans have contacted us in the past that they had special FanProjects slated for release, only to not sent in any more info. Some others are still in the midst of compiling info, or too busy with the project to give an update on them. This is a list of projects that are slated to be released in this FanProjects section... sometime soon... or a long time coming. Though we love to provide new content as much as possible, its upto the fans to sent it in. We hope to see them arrive as soon as possible ;).

  • Operation Flashpoint (Gaming mod)
  • Skynet: Dawn of Man (Warhammer: Dawn of War mod)
  • Terminator: Zero Hour (C&C mod)
  • War Against The Machines (Miniature game)
  • Building a garagekit 1:1 Phased Plasma Rifle (Modelling)
  • Papercraft Hunter Killer Tank (Modelling)
  • Robocop vs. Terminator (Movies, Part 1-3)

Latest FanProject will be on the top of its specific list/subject.

3D modelling

Special projects by fans engaged in 3D modelling. There are more models available, as within the Movies section lower in this list... but those also contain movies as a basis of their projects. This section is solely devoted to great modelling projects, and not just copying someone's model and making it your own. No. These are created from scratch.

SketchUp Terminator Endoskeleton FanProject SketchUp Terminator Endoskeleton (February 14, 2008)
They said it could NOT be done. Build an Endo within Google SketchUp, originally made for architectonial meshes. But 3D modelling and Terminator fan Xayzer proved everyone wrong. He did it! Check out this cool fanproject about building a Endoskeleton from scratch, with the somewhat limited (free or commercial) 3D modelling program Google SketchUp. With downloads!
> Check full FanProject

Dressing up

Are you into making yourself look like you are a Terminator? Or using makeup wounds? Why not show some Endoskeleton metal underneath ;). Below is the first in many guides to making yourself look like a Terminator. With more to come on cheap methods of Terminator costumes for Halloween.

SkyNet Carnival FanProject SkyNet Carnival (July 28, 2008)
Interested in scaring folks around you in true Terminator style? Need that little extra attention to detail for your Halloween costume? Then get a load of this Terminator Endoskeleton makeup guide, by Lorenzo Donati!
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For some fans, the look and feel of their collectibles cabinets is not enough. They want to show of that they are bigger fans of the movies than any one else. Some do this with simple decorations added to their collectibles, some do it by turning their entire house into one big collectibles showcase!

Cyberdyne Cinema FanProject Cyberdyne Cinema (December 13, 2007)
Owner/installer Darren Mortensen wanted a special room in his house to view his favorite movies and dubbed it 'Cyberdyne Cinema'. Despite its 'Terminator' overtones, the cinema was modeled after old-time sci-fi and horror movie sets. Decide for yourself and view his FanProject.
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Playing custom made games, that expand on the Terminator universe. We know of some games that use dice to fight eachother on a board, other fans build their own computer games, but were forced to depart that project since its content was used in a game by Atari (sorry, we can't talk more about that)... or others build entire new universes based on other games used in the world of gaming. Check out some of the fangames below.

Terminator: Future Fate FanProject Terminator: Future Fate (October 12, 2008)
This is a RPG (role-playing game) created by three fans who united to bring you are their own D20 Modern Supplement version of a Terminator game. This D20 Modern campaign setting includes 2 new Terminator races, 8 new advanced classes, piles of new weapons and equipment, a chapter on time travel, and over 20 different kinds of Terminators and Hunter-Killers.
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Fans modelling out their own projects, be it official (or less official garage-)models of Terminator characters... or even better, building their own projects from scratch and delivering the goodies to be viewed and used by the masses. The projects featured here are of such a high class, its these fans that truely proclaim the word fandom!

Talking LEGO robot skull reciting movie lines FanProject Talking LEGO robot skull reciting movie lines (November 6, 2008)
Roaming the net for interesting stuff, we came across the fabulous website, which feature a talking LEGO Endoskeleton Terminator, reciding lines from the different Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. Interested in more info, we contacted the owner of the site, who in the end was very happy to hear from us... since he was just about to scratch the project.
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Building your own custom 1:1 battle damaged Arnold FanProject Building your own custom 1:1 battle damaged Arnold (August 17, 2008)
Years of planning, three weeks of executing and its still not finished. But its a work in progress, was it not that this fan (and STAFFmaster of the TerminatorFiles) snagged upon a major problem which could scrap the entire project. Or not, since some major decissions can still be made to turn it all around.
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The Terminator, a very resinous robot FanProject The Terminator, a very resinous robot (December 8, 2007)
Personal Endoskeleton build by Stephen Crawford, made with wireframes, meshes, paper mache, sculptamold, resin, tin, carton-board, silver finished... and lots of other stuff found in any ones house. This is what we call fan devotion!
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Papercrafted Terminator Universe FanProject Papercrafted Terminator Universe (September 30, 2007)
Papercraft. The means of making out of this world models of anything from paper, tape and glue. And its really out of this world when its upto Jan Rükr, since his models are from the Terminator universe!
> Check full FanProject
Building your own 1:1 Terminator FanProject Building your own 1:1 Terminator? Easy! (August 27, 2007)
How to build your own Terminator Endoskeleton. A detailed article about Shawn Morgans project of approximately 13 weeks. This Endoskeleton is now on display at Sci Fi World in Orlando, Florida.
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Building a garagekit 1:1 Endoskeleton Arm FanProject Building a garagekit 1:1 Endoskeleton Arm (December 4, 2006)
You just bought yourself a garagekit Endoskeleton Terminator arm but you do not know how to model it into perfection? No worries there! Tom Gray and TerminatorFiles are now proud to present you with the most detailed guide to building your own arm!
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Making your own movie? Just like the fans that did, or are still in the process of doing in this section. We want to see the future war, and those amongst us that can't wait any longer have found out that they could as well do it themselfs, creating the environments they love to see, having full throttle and control over their own projects. Movies aint just for the big studios alone anymore!

Terminator: Genesis FanProject Terminator: Genesis (June 26, 2008)
Ever since I saw the first 'Terminator' I've wanted to do one of my own, and seeing the other two fueled that desire aswell. I can't say much about the story because right now there's not much. But I can say, to me, it's kind of a 'remake' so to speak, a remix if you will. Check out the progress on this ongoing project!
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The Dock FanProject The Dock (November 14, 2006)
Marek Paterczyk's movies about characters and vehicles of the Terminator saga. The HK Aerial leaving its underground docking station is a very cool animation. Thanks to its somewhat closed environment and much simpler models to animate gave Marek a reason to think that he was going to accomplish this in time. This simple movie, with all its details, still took him 5 months to complete ;).
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3D Terminator Future FanProject 3D Terminator Future (October 25, 2006)
Mike Burnett's ongoing 3D rendered fanmovie project, with the future landscape, Terminators prowling the landscape, HK Tanks and HK Aerials, and resistance fighters hiding in dark corners. One big project that is updated once in a while... but getting a lot of heat already for its coolness of the test renders alone.
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There have been many fans in the past that have written their own scripts for their own version of a Terminator movie. You can download many of them in the Scripts section of our site. But some of them take it too an entire new level. Not just writing out stuff, but also adding full scripted dialogs, images, writing comics, and more. Check out these special fans treatments through the following FanProjects pages.

Terminator vs. Predator: The Verdict FanProject Terminator vs. Predator: The Verdict (December 18, 2007)
A comic by Marcell von dem Berge depicting the monsters of two of his favorite monsters/characters Terminator and Predator. Originally slated for a 28 page version, the entire story has become a whopping 101 pages long... and turned into a monster itself. Check some of the drawings and the full script on this FanProjects page.
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Depending on content... all personal ideas, views, reviews, references, graphics and other materials are copyrighted to their respective owners, except where noted or visible apparent. We are not responsible for the 'views', 'ideas', 'political' or other (in)direct 'statements' one might find in the FanProjects. The opinions expressed aren't necessarily those of the editor or the fan that send us the FanProject info! If anything is offensive and should be deleted, then contact us.

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