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“ Question, questions... questions ”

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Frequently Asked Questions (aka F.A.Q)

Main info

Have you got a question about this site? Check this page for the answer! If you can not find the answer, then feel free to contact us. We will answer it to our best knowledge and add it to this page if applicable to other fans/users.

On this page you can find lots of answers to questions you may have. These F.A.Q have been compiled from lots of questions other fans/users have send in. This is the best place to read all about the usability of the site, its content, the designs, interaction, scripting or other functions.

Browser compatibility

In the following cases we advice you to upgrade your browser;

  • Error message(s) at start of site or (every) page.
  • No Flash and/or scripted menus available.
  • To many JavaScript errors downgrade usability.

Its best to have the latest browser installed or at least have Internet Explorer 6+ or FireFox 1+. This site has been tested in all latest versions of Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera and some Mozilla clones and should work fine.


To make your experience of this site easier, we advice you to;

  • Enable the use of browser 'cookies' (are needed for lots of interaction).
  • Use the Navigation interface as available in the top-left white menu of each page (indicated by ie 'Back to previous page', 'Home', etc links). In some cases the Navigation interface switches to other sections, because some pages are part of another 'order of things'.
  • Use the integrated jump-links (indicated by ie 'Top' and 'Subjects' under each paragraph) to swith to previous selections.
  • Use our Sitemap to check for possible upgrades to the site.

If the use of the Navigation menu or 'jump-links' are not to your liking, please use your browsers BACK- and FORWARD-button to jump back and forth through the different pages and or sections. Since the site is non-framed, there should be no problem switching between pages.


Although this site is build for any user... we advice your to;

  • View the site with your browser maximised
  • To at least maximise the available horizontal space

The site has been developed to be viewed in a mimimum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and higher. The interface and content contained in it will be centered. In case you view the site in a lower width then 900 pixels, the site will enable a horizontal scrollbar. The main info (like menus and contents) should also be visible as low as a 800 x 600 pixels resolution.

Basicly: are your running your monitor settings in a 1024 - 768 pixels resolution, then view the site in a maximised window! Any bigger setting will make the integrated background more beautifull.

Temporary internet files

Our site is build up out of a lot of externally loaded databases and 'included' navigations. These elements are sometimes NOT recognised as new content and thus it could be possible that you are viewing old information (like old news or out of date collectible information).

To make sure that you are always viewing the latest info, go to the browsers 'Temporary files' settings (available through the Internet Options menu) and enable the following setting: Every visit to the page.

Though any other setting could work (except the Never option), its best to leave it to the formentioned setting. This should not have any effect to the speed of your browser or safety of your computer. The browser only checks each page with its own temporary files and if there are any changes to it, it will display the new page and overwrite the cache. Simple as that.

Linking to pages

We've 'thinktanked' the structure of our site. Whenever a new page launches, we can say for 99% certainty that it will stay on that location for many decades to come. This kind of linking is also known as permalinkage (you've probably seen it here and there on other sites). Links to pages will always be available. Even if we -for any reason- decide to delete its content, we'll relink the page to any content that has to do with the same subject. This 'permalinking' makes it possible for you to link to any page you like.

Every page on your domain? Yup! You can link to any page you want... Just copy the presented url from your browser and link to it from wherever you want! The more the better, which even helps strengthen our searchengine indexing! With links to any of our pages, you'll be able to help us become the nr.1 place to come for all things Terminator.

But what about linking to specific content?! Thats a whole new story...


Since our new hosting, bigger ideas, grander subjects, images, videos and other media... we decided to add anti-hotlinking processes to certain sections of our site. Meaning as much as: all its content (media) can be viewed from within our own domain, but not from within other domains.

For example... a directory called 'abc' -with anti-hotlinking 'set'- has several big images or videos in it. You can see them through our TerminatorFiles site. You then copy its URL and try to paste it into your own site to present it to your own visitors.

This will no longer work; a seperate small image is loaded instead, which warns your visitors that you are hotlinking to external content. Our content!

We'll however be able to exclude some domains from this anti-hotlinking process. Domains like the new personal site of STAFFmember Maurice, our forums and some other fans who contributed signifcantly to our site... have been excluded from this process. You are free to inquire about this in due time, but be warned that you'll have to deliver something big in return for us to free up your specific domain. More on this whenever it comes around.

Why bother when you have a new hostingprovider that delivers such a big bandwidth?! Well... we've done calculations for some of the stuff we are planning to host; give or take a few hundred visitors a day, downloading videos (even streaming content) takes out a big chunk of bandwidth! And when specific content is also linked on other sites, these sites are basicly stealing your bandwidth. Trying to secure this from now on into the future, we introduced the anti-hotlinking process. Its still bandwidth we have to pay for... even more soo, whenever it outgrows our initial hostingplan.

The most asked fan questions

"What's up with the non-commercial attitude? You are advertising!"

Advertising. Yes... it's become inevitable! Our site and services are hosted by lots of different parties. Though most of our content management systems, database and coding are provided for free, some of the services cost us money. Our site has risen from a few megabytes to a staggering 14.9 GB (and thats not counting the content of all the databases!). With a visitor ratio of approx. thousand unique visitors a day and millions of hits/loads... our bandwidth has risen to multiple GIGs a month! This is where the 'problems' start.

Bandwidth costs money... thus to account for some money-back-garanty, we've included several banners and Google Adsense ads to possible Terminator related sources. Basicly we are still trying to be non-commercial! The banners are here to promote the Terminator and most are related to the contents of the page they are on! Bare with us and take some of the banners for granted... or even better, click them, buy the cool (Terminator) products and in a way help us out ;)

"Why do we regularly find 'BY THE FANS... FOR THE FANS' headers?"

We at think that most of the content on the net is made available and collected by the ever growing number of fans. This Terminator-community is the 'driving point' behind the movies and all related items, which we call The Saga!

The website is no different; It is YOU that sends in stuff. It is YOU that drives us to the point of insanity to break internet barriers. It is YOU that makes it all happen! By adding your stuff to the site... it's only logic to name the site like it IS! ;).

We are just a small team compared to all the fans that roam the net. To make this the 'biggest and baddest Terminator site on the net' we think the community has some major input in our site: it is YOU that makes the content available! Thus BY THE FANS... FOR THE FANS!

"What's up with the flipped F in the logo?"

When we started designing the logo we didn't want to use any graphic elements like photos, animations, renders or movie-stills. And since the font is so recognisable... we decided to design it in 'font-only'.

Even after 20+ versions we weren't happy with the way the F stood apart from the T. So we mirrored it... cut the T and there it was. A logo that made more sense and more importantly; stood out from all the others. We redesigned most of the letters in the rest of the fonts. At first everybody thinks it looks strange, but all know what is says and we think we've got ourselves a logo that can be recognised.

"Those models/renders featured in the site aren't yours!"

No... they are not. Except for the legal usage of our main Endoskeleton head and upper body; In our search on the net for graphics that could be combined with the logo and the general design... we always came back to the render which is available through TurboSquid.

In general we don't like to add 'not approved' items to our site, so we contacted them and got into contact with the original 3D model designer. After some personal emails the designer approved the usage of the image ...and even provided us with a high-res render, which was even 'more cool' then the original! The mutual agreement was that we could only use the image on items that have to do with the domain; in our design, content, promotions and some other graphic items.

The copyright to the model and it's images remains to the author: M. Miller. Please respect them as we do; Do not rip them from the site or any other available graphics.

As for other images used in the styles of this website; read all about it on this page!

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