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“ Do you want to have dinner with me tonight? ”

Andy Goode, Sarah's new Cyberdyne related target, ask her out on a date

The Turk

The Turk

Main info

Sarah visits Miles Dyson's widow to find the creator of Skynet. Sarah is lead to a man named Andy Goode, who used to work with Dyson, and is building a chess-playing computer named "The Turk." John and Cameron try their best to fit in on their first day at a new high school.


Sarah sits over news clippings and photos from the Resistance's apartment hideout. Sarah believes the Resistance was sent back to eliminate all Skynet loose ends.

John and Cameron start their first day of school. They notice some strange graffiti on a wall. A blonde girl nearby seems upset by it.

Sarah meets Theresa Dyson at Miles' grave. Theresa hasn't seen her since 1999. Sarah gives Theresa an envelope of photos and asks Theresa if she recognizes anyone. She recognizes and intern named Andy Goode.

Agent Ellison investigates the Resistance's apartment with Agent Greta Simpson. Simpson thinks the dead guys are small time. Ellison thinks something larger is going on.

Cromartie, buried under a mess of clothes, breaks into a hospital and steals a large amount of blood.

Sarah meets Andy where he works, a cell phone store. Andy asks Sarah on a date, and after giving him a hard time, she accepts.

John's new lab partner is a pretty girl, Cheri. Cameron transfers into the class.

Ellison goes to Carlos' home, the man who made the new identity papers for Sarah. He wants to know why Carlos' uncle, Enrique, called Carlos three times the day he died. Carlos plays dumb as to who killed his uncle.

Dr. Fleming comes home to find Cromartie waiting. Cromartie grabs Fleming's neck and lifts him off the ground.

Sarah tells John about Andy and that she's having dinner with him.

Cromartie orders Fleming to create something based on a formula that Cromartie has written on the wall. Fleming says he can, but he needs to go to his lab.

Andy tells Sarah that he's building a computer named 'The Turk,' that has the ability to play chess. And his version of the Turk has the ability to outsmart all human chess players. Sarah sees someone in the window and gives chase only to find no one.

Later that night, Sarah tries to describe The Turk to John, but she doesn't know the details he wants and he can't tell her if it might be the machine that brings down humanity.

Agent Simpson tells Ellison that a finger print from one of the dead men in the apartment matched that of a 4 year-old boy. Ellison doesn't understand how. Ellison asks Simpson for blood evidence from the scene to compare with his crime scene. The blood he found has no red blood cells.

Fleming works in his lab, working on Cromartie's formula. He pours a vat of what appears to be blood into his bathroom tub. Cromartie pushes passed Fleming and removes his coat, revealing the full T-888 endoskeleton. Fleming can't believe what he's seeing.

Sarah visits the doctor, wondering if there's anything she can do to prevent cancer. The doctor says she's healthy and shouldn't worry.

John talks to Cheri in the hall and they pass another large piece of graffiti, which hints that a student may be sleeping with a teacher. The blonde girl from before walks by upset.

Cameron tries to blend with the girls in the bathroom, but not succeeding. She hears the blonde girl, Jordan, crying about the graffiti. Cameron does what she thinks is right to console her, but Jordan storms off.

Sarah and Andy walk through the park. Andy explains he's put eight years of his life into The Turk and has installed a security system to protect it. Andy continues to say The Turk has moods.

The final piece of graffiti is being painted over at the high school. A student announces that there's a girl on the roof who might jump. John makes a move to save Jordan, but Cameron stops him. John has to blend in. Jordan falls forward and crashes to the pavement. Cameron pulls John away.

At home, Sarah defends what Cameron told John. John is furious that he couldn't save Jordan. Cameron says Andy must be killed.

Ellison walks into Fleming's home, a crime scene squad is already there. Fleming is in the bathroom, dead. Cromartie also took his eyes.

Andy returns home from work to see his house on fire. Sarah watches from down the street.

Before Cromartie killed Fleming, Cromartie emerges from the bathub, skin creating a misshaped face. Fleming cuts two slits on the face, and Cromartie's red eyes flick open.


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