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“ Show me some skin! ...preferably the T-X! ;) ”

Play any game in true Terminator style!

Terminator skins

Terminator Skins

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There are a lot of skinable programs now-a-days. There are even special programs available to enhance your screen environment with a total skin (i.e. WindowsBlinds). Below are all our favourites! Got some of your own? Then be sure to contact us!


Whats better then walking around in a game in a Terminator or Arnie skin? Nothing really! So we collected a few, made by lots of fans for lots of different kinds of games. Download yours and Terminator all you opponents in style ;).

© Akim G. B. / EvilEngine / Grim / J.R. / Juan_Da_Man / Miguelangel Hidalgo / Mr_WhiTe / NilVHK / Overdroid / Reminator / Xavier Petit

Counter Strike Terminator skin Counter Strike
Download | By Miguelangel Hidalgo
GTA San Andreas Terminator skin GTA San Andreas
Download | By Grim
Half-Life Terminator skin HalfLife Skin
Download | By Mr_WhiTe
Half-Life Terminator skin Half-Life Skin
Download | By Reminator
Jedi Outcast Terminator skin Jedi Outcast/Academy
Download | By Akim G. B.
NeverWinter Nights Terminator skin NeverWinter Nights
Download | By Overdroid
Operation Flashpoint Terminator skin Operation Flashpoint (5 models, 2 mods)
Download | By Xavier Petit
The Sims Terminator skin The Sims
Download | By J.R.
Unreal Tournament Classic Terminator skin Unreal Tournament Classic
Download | By NilVHK
Unreal Tournament '03 Terminator skin Unreal Tournament '03 1
Download | By Juan_Da_Man
Unreal Tournament '03 Terminator skin Unreal Tournament '03 2
Download | By EvilEngine
Unreal Tournament '03 Terminator skin Unreal Tournament '03 2 (Final)
Download | By EvilEngine


Listening and viewing content Terminator style in Winamp, Window Media Player or even Windows itself? Then be sure to check out these cool skins for lots of programs.

© C2 / Quadhelix / sowmiles / TerminatorFiles / The Skins Factory / Warner Bros.

T3 Plus! Party Mode Skin T3 Plus! Party Mode Skin
Download | By The Skins Factory
WinAmp 2.x T-800amp program skin WinAmp 2.x T-800amp
Download | By TerminatorFiles
WinAmp 3.x T3Metal program skin WinAmp 3.x T3Metal
Download | By C2, Warner Bros.
WinAmp 3/5 T3-FanAmp program skin WinAmp 3/5 T3-FanAmp
Download | By sowmiles
WinAmp 5 T-800 Skin WinAmp 5 T-800 Skin
Download | By Quadhelix
WindowBlinds T3 skin program WindowBlinds T3
Skin only | Full version | By The Skins Factory
Windows Media Player 9 Terminator skin Windows Media Player 9
Download | By The Skins Factory

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Are you interested in hosting and sharing your files on Want to promote your own stuff for the enjoyment of interested fans and/or other parties? Then get into contact with the STAFF behind the Files! We'll help you promote your own products for sales or free sharing purposes, through this and other sections!

Or... got a personal/commercial project you are working on right this instance (or one from the past)? Then include it in our FanProjects section, with added images, videos, info or whatever else you want to include! Check here for more detailed info!

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