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“ You know... the robots from the future? ”

Richard T. Jones is James Ellison

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Richard T. Jones

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Richard T. Jones, who was born on the 16th of January 1972 in Japan, has appeared in numerous television shows such as California Dreams, NYPD Blue, Dangerous Minds, Brooklyn South, Ally McBeal, Judging Amy, CSI: Miami, Las Vegas and Girlfriends.

He has also appeared in film such as Jury Duty, The Trigger Effect, Event Horizon, Book of Love, Phone Booth, Collateral and Riding the Bus With My Sister.

James Ellison is played by Richard T. Jones on the FOX series, The Sarah Connor Chronicles (T:SCC). James is an intelligent and tough FBI agent who, at first, hunts down fugitives Sarah and John Connor. Later on, however, he serves as their powerful ally in fighting the threats from the future that try to destroy not only their lives, but the whole world.

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