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“ I should have killed him. I am going to kill him. He can't be trusted. ”

Cameron thinks Ellison should die

Adam Raised a Cain

Adam Raised a Cain

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John is one step closer to catching Weaver while on his mission to rescue Skynet's latest target. Sarah and Ellison's reunion causes a change in their plan. Weaver discovers Ellison's secret.


1984: a grave marker. Actually, a whole heap of markers on a hillside, all leading to Sarah Connor. She waits until she is joined by Derek. Cameron watches on. Sarah confirms to Derek that it's where Kyle is buried.

Derek asks her why she sent them to the desert but headed to the lighthouse. Sarah lies and tells him they were making a quick stop. John told him already. He also told him Charley's dead. John called all of them and told them to meet here.

When John shows up, he shows them a picture on a cell phone he found on the man that attacked him. It's a photo of Savannah Weaver -- he recognizes her from Dr. Sherman's office. "We all know we're going, so let's just go," he tells them coldly.

Savannah plays on a computer in school, giggling as she chats with John Henry online.

Her teacher conferences with Weaver about the "predator" talking to Savannah on the computer. "She said his name was John Henry." Weaver is surprised.

Weaver asks Savannah why she was talking to John Henry in class. Savannah tells her that she was teaching him a song that her father used to sing to her. Weaver warns her that people won't understand John Henry so she's not to talk about him to anyone.

Ellison visits John Henry as he stares at information about himself. "Do you think that my brother looks like me?" John Henry asks. But he doesn't mean physical appearance, he means data code. "I wonder if we share the same thoughts." He tells Ellison that the human brain is flawed because there's nowhere to download it when you die. He does, however, understand the concept of heaven -- "billions of souls with no body."

At the Weaver home, Savannah does her homework while the nanny works out. Savannah gets a phone call from John Henry. He even teaches her to use the headset. Outside, a Water Delivery Man arrives. John Henry spots the breach in security at the Weaver home and sees the Delivery Man approaching the front door through the security cameras.

Nanny answers the door for the Delivery Man and he shoots her right in the head -- he's a machine! From the ZeiraCorp basement, John Henry guides Savannah away from the Terminator. He leads Savannah down the stairs and to the garage, where she loses reception on the wireless phone device! She runs when she hears the machine approaching but is grabbed and saved -- by John Connor!

The Terminator shoots at them, but Sarah and Cameron fight him from behind as Derek wanders the house. John and Sarah run off with Savannah as Cameron fights with the machine. He throws her against a wall, temporarily escaping, wandering upstairs and right into Derek. He shoots Derek in the head, killing him on impact! Derek falls to the ground. Dead.

No time to waste, Sarah, John, Savannah run outside. Sarah shoots at the machine on the balcony to try and distract him and help John get away. Cameron gets to the Terminator from behind and lobs him down the long, coastal bluff.

Our gang gets a brief horrific moment with Derek, dead, grabbing his phone and gun so as not to be identified. "Keep moving," Sarah tells them. John looks on shocked.

Back at ZeiraCorp, John Henry watches them escape.

Ellison goes to see Weaver where he meets an LAPD Detective. He learns that Savannah Weaver was kidnapped. Catherine sends Ellison downstairs to talk to John Henry. Shortly after, the Detective asks Ellison about Weaver in private, but Ellison doesn't have much to offer him.

"Why did you stop looking for Sarah Connor?" John Henry asks Ellison. The two put the pieces together that Sarah Connor is alive and took Savannah from the house. John Henry shows Ellison footage of Sarah Connor shooting at the Terminator. He wants to tell Weaver, but Ellison asks him not to -- not right now. "You're asking me to lie." Ellison is going to get Savannah back quietly. "Is Sarah Connor going to hurt Savannah?" No. "Will she harm me?" Ellison doesn't know. John Henry asks about Cameron and knows she is a cyborg like him.

Sarah, John, and Cameron keep Savannah in an abandoned warehouse. Sarah gets a call from Ellison -- John Henry tracked down the number for him. Sarah confirms that Savannah is safe. Ellison says he needs to meet her. She tells him downtown, one hour...

...but Cameron picks him up on his way there and hops in his car. Change of plans. "You lied to me once before. I should have killed you then," Cameron tells him.

They meet up in an alley. Sarah wants to know how he's connected to ZeiraCorp. "I work there." He asks her why she went to the house and took the girl. Sarah was just trying to protect her from the machine at the house. She asks about Sherman and he tells her his death was an accident. Ellison wants to handle this. Sarah confesses that Derek is dead, Charley is dead. They agree to a tradeoff -- Sarah wants to talk to Weaver. She'll give the girl back if she can do that.

Weaver wants to see the security footage from the house, but John Henry lies and says the files were corrupted. Ellison pulls Weaver aside, away from John Henry.

Meanwhile, John watches Savannah and asks if she remembers him from Dr. Sherman's office. She does. Savannah tells John about John Henry -- the man that lives in her basement that has a chord that goes into his head. Mr. Ellison has even been teaching John Henry things.

Weaver is surprised that Sarah Connor is alive. Ellison tells her she wants to me her. Ellison admits that he told John Henry to hide the footage -- Weaver is scarily unhappy about that. Ellison thinks she should go meet Sarah Connor, but Weaver wants to stay and protect John Henry. "What you need to understand is that... Savannah's survival may some day depend on John Henry's survival..." Weaver agrees to meet with Sarah Connor.

Ellison talks to the Detective about the dead John Doe at the Weaver house. The prints identify him as the John Doe from Ellison's case -- the one we know to be Derek Reese (suspected of killing Andy Goode).

When Sarah and Cameron return, John fills them in as to what Savannah said about John Henry. He even has identified him as Cromartie, well, Cromartie's body. "I think it's something else, something bigger..." he tells them.

"It's Cyberdyne all over again," Sarah knows. Cameron wants to go and kill Ellison but Sarah won't let her. Ellison calls with details of the tradeoff. Sarah gives him the girl, the police go away, and when it's clear he will bring her in.

The Detective visits Weaver in her office and asks her about Ellison. He suspects him, but Weaver knows he's not behind it.

Weaver confronts John Henry about him lying to her for Ellison. "And I'm lying to him for you. What would happen if he knew?" He means that she's a robot. She tells him that if he tells Ellison, it would be unfortunate for Ellison. She confesses that they may have to sacrifice Savannah for the greater good -- keeping him safe. John Henry tells Weaver about the bible study of Cain and Abel -- she knows it. He wants to know which brother he is.

"I don't know John Henry. Perhaps you're neither. Perhaps in this story, you are God."

John watches Savannah as she sleeps. He tells Cameron that it wasn't his idea to ditch her and Derek, he thought they were all going to meet up. She knows and she also knows that Sarah had her reasons. They talk about Derek's death, but John doesn't think he should be crying over it. It's time to grow up. "Future You knows what it's like to lose people he loves. It happens to him too," Cameron tells him.

"Your mother ditched us because then she was going to ditch you. She was going to leave you with Charley," Cameron stuns John. Cameron believes Sarah may be sick, she's been losing weight. But Sarah enters before she can answer anymore questions. She tells them to wake Savannah, it's time to go...

They all spread out in a movie theater, Savannah a few rows in front of them. As they wait, Cameron asks Sarah about Weaver. "We're going into ZeiraCorp with or without him. When we're done, it'll be ashes." Ellison enters and Sarah tells him where to find Savannah. Sarah exits first, followed by John and Cameron, Ellison and Savannah.

As she leaves the theater, she's surprised by a SWAT team led by the detective from ZeiraCorp! They're taking her in! In typical Sarah Connor fashion, she tries to fight her way through them, desperate, but can't get through. From inside, John and Cameron look on in horror, and Ellison tries to claim he had nothing to do with it. John and Cameron run off for safety...

Savannah is returned to Weaver at ZeiraCorp.

Sarah is led into the station a midsts a media hailstorm.

John and Cameron watch news coverage of Sarah's arrest.

John Henry and Savannah sing the Scottish folk song she taught him.

A box of ashes is buried in the ground on a hillside. Derek.

2009: a grave marker amongst many grave markers.


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