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“ Timetravel, paradoxes, whats possible, impossible and whats fanfiction. For any interested big readers out there! ”

This subject still boggles our brains. Then again... its a movie ;)

Timetravel articles

Timetravel articles

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The movies are all about travelling back to the past, trying to change the future. But is one did change the future, the entities in that future can not go back in the past again, to change the future. Can Skynet even exist if it did not sent the chip of the first Terminator back... or how can it sent itself back if it was not designed before it could sent itself back. Paradoxes. The 'chicken or the egg' things. Read more below!

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Chrono-surfing - 'A Brief History Of Time Travel' Chrono-surfing - "A Brief History Of Time Travel"
You are, at this very instant, travelling in time. The speed and direction have been pre-determined by forces we can only dimly imagine, but we are all time travellers, heading inexorably from cradle to grave at the rate of sixty seconds a minute. Joseph Conrad, in his novel Lord Jim, wrote "What man does not yearn for a second chance?" Indeed, what human being, young or old, has not felt longing for some past event, and wanted to re-experience it armored with the knowledge of hindsight?
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Particles and moving through time Particles and moving through time
It is generally accepted that one can easily 'travel' into the future. This is accomplished by altering ones perception of time. As one's velocity approaches that of the speed of light, a person would start to become nearly massless and gravity's effects would appear less noticeable. Gravity itself makes it harder for particles and cells to move, so lessening the effects of gravity would make it easier for the body to perform its life functions.
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Temporal anomalies in time travel movies - Terminator unravelled Temporal anomalies in time travel movies - Terminator unravelled
One of the most interesting temporal anomalies in fiction is that set up by the Terminator movies. Given the excessive number of trips through time which are made, we would expect the entire timeline to totally incohere and become impossible; yet with a few simple extrapolations, it all fits together. If we can find the beginning, we can trace the thread of time as it weaves forth and back. So we consider the timelines of Terminator.
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