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“ Flash animations or games, either released by the studios or made by the fans themselfs. These are just a few, but the best of them. ”

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Terminator Flash videos and files

Flash videos

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Some old Flash games related to the Terminator movies. Highscores or database might not work, since we do not own the code. But its fun to play them anyway!

T3 Jue

T3 Jue  

A Flash game as previously available on the French website. Some of the functions do not work anymore, but none-the-less its still fun to play. Check the contents of the loaded window for more info!

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Own creations

Flash movies made by fans. Theres lots of those going around, but we only provide the best!

T1 Poster by Jim Sweet

Animated The Terminator poster  

Somewhere in the 90's Jim Sweet animated the trademark T1 poster with just Arnold standing in it. But wait a minute? He's talking! Ow... and in case you are wondering if he's saying more... he does not. The animation loops ;).

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Rehashed footage

Rehashed clips from the movies, resampled footage with cool music, special odes to the Terminator movies.

T2 Teaser... in Flash!

Building the Perfect Arnold T1 Teaser in Flash  

The best teaser ever... T2's "Building the perfect Arnold" just got better! A fan animated the entire sequence into Flash. What work this might have taken, and how strange it may look to folks around us... there is one thing thats definately true: It kicks ass!

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Host and share your stuff?!

Are you interested in hosting and sharing your files on Want to promote your own stuff for the enjoyment of interested fans and/or other parties? Then get into contact with the STAFF behind the Files! We'll help you promote your own products for sales or free sharing purposes, through this and other sections!

Or... got a personal/commercial project you are working on right this instance (or one from the past)? Then include it in our FanProjects section, with added images, videos, info or whatever else you want to include! Check here for more detailed info!

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