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Check out some uber details about all the films, through DVD reviews, goofs of the Terminator movies, interesting tidbits, contradictions in the movies, weapons and much and much more movies facts.

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Plagiarism, the Sincerest Form of Flattery Plagiarism, the Sincerest Form of Flattery
We all know where James Cameron got his vision for the Terminator movie; as told in many sources, it came to him in a ill-sweaped nightmare when he was shooting the even iller Piranha II movie. Then, stories kept creaping up about those two 'Outer Limits' episodes called "Soldier" and "Demon with a Glass Hand", both written by Harlan Ellison, that had great similarities towards James Cameron The Terminator movie. Eventually all was decided in court and Cameron added Ellison's name to the credits of the movie. But... was it still his own dream, or is there more to tell in this story about the first beginnings of The Terminator?
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Time Goofs in the Terminator movies Time Goofs in the Terminator movies
Nobody is perfect. But this isn't an article about reflections in the camera or problematic special effects. You can find some huge time mistakes in Terminator franchise, especially the third one made lots of goofs. Be the best nitpicker you can be and see if you can find others ;).
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T2: Judgment Day, deeply religious? T2: Judgment Day, deeply religious?
"Judgment Day" is a term popularized by Christ and his followers. This term refers to a time during Christ's Second Coming when Christ will judge all men. There is an obvious duality in this judgment; Some will endure it while others will perish. To read about it, check out: Matthew 10:15, 12:36, John 5:22, 16:11, 2 Corinthians 5:10, Jude verse 6, and Revelation (various chapters including 14).
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DVD Review - Rage Against The Machines DVD Review - Rage Against The Machines
A dark Los Angeles street in 1984. It's the early hours of the morning and in a nearby police station house, a lone officer sleepily mans the front desk. The door opens and in walks a towering, 6' 2'' badass clad head to toe in black leather: "I'm a friend of Sarah Connor. Can I see her, please?" "You can't see her. She's making a statement." "Where is she?" "Look, it's gonna be a while. You wanna wait. There's a bench." The Terminator steps back, scanning the booth, the electric door, the rooms beyond. "I'll be back."
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DVD Monthly - The Terminator Review DVD Monthly - The Terminator Review
It's an interesting study, the possibilities of might-have-been. If you had turned left instead of right, if you'd had coffee instead of tea, if you'd been born ten minutes earlier, how different would your life be now? The future is made of yesterday's choices, right or wrong, and we can only imagine how else it might have turned out.
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The story behind the Terminator The story behind the Terminator
How did an Austrian body-builder, a man responsible for creating flying piranhas and a dream about a killer robot fit together to make iconic science-fiction? James Cameron first dreamt of the metal man in an Italian hotel. Actually, "dreamt" is probably not quite the word. Try "hallucinated" instead. For, as the helmer fell prey to a combination of flu and sheer hunger, the vision arrived in the form of a waking nightmare.
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T3 Music - A complete retrospective T3 Music - A complete retrospective
Many moviefans have their own special movie. They love it because they can relate to the character(s) or the theme, they like the story or many other reasons. In my case, this is the Terminator saga, which at this moment consists out of three movies and one attraction theme ride. Besides the great characters and the theme, another important part of the movie is the music and score.
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Terminator vs. Terminator - Nuclear Holocaust as a Video Game Terminator vs. Terminator - Nuclear Holocaust as a Video Game
The following piece was written in 1991 for a proposed special issue of a journal which abandoned the idea so many months later that the article had lost its immediacy. I didn't feel like revising it according to their suggestions for publication as an independent piece because their consultants' views of the Terminator films differed drastically from mine. I am no longer doing research in this area, but I think the article may still be of interest to some readers, so am posting it online.
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Is the future set? - Contradictions in the Terminator Story Is the future set? - Contradictions in the Terminator Story
Apart from space-time travelling, unnatural family relations and a nightmarish end-of-the-world scenario of biblical proportions, much of the essence of the Terminator Story is concerned with man's ability to control his own fate, and even more, to control the fate of humanity as a whole. Is the future set once and for all? Or is there no fate, but what we make for ourselves and for each other?
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How to become a kick-ass Terminator How to become a kick-ass Terminator
Are the guys picking on you? Is your love interest more interested in well-build men? Or are you just planning to kill/protect someone named Connor? Then follows these steps of TerminatorFiles' guide to become an unstoppable kick-ass Terminator!
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Total Film Special - Terminator and T2 Total Film Special - Terminator and T2
"You still don't get it, do you? He'll find her. That's what he does. That's all he does! You can't stop him!" The world changed when: The good guy blasted the bad guy through a window to save the heroine. And the bad guy wasn't even scratched. Made by a man whose only previous directing credit was Piranha II: Flying Killers and starring a monosyllabic Austrian bodybuilder, an unknown TV actress and a male leas better kwown as the unfortunately-named Randall Buttman in Hill Street Blues, James Cameron's The Terminator should've been awful.
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The legacy of the Terminator... The legacy of the Terminator...
Universal Soldier (1992), Robocop (1987), Predator (1987), Twelve Monkeys (1995) and The Matrix (1999). Movies that have since spawned from the Terminator movies. Check out some details about these movies and why they are the aftermath of the best movie ever made. The Terminator is out there!
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Weapons from the Terminator movies Weapons from the Terminator movies
After reading a very interesting T3 forum topic about the weapons used in the Terminator movies, TerminatorFiles contacted the person responsible, and got to talk about a possible inclusion on the website. Jon '101Booster' was happy to help. In this article is the list he compiled out of answers from other fans, info from several websites (somewhere on the net) and his own knowhow. Enjoy!
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