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“ The one and only true visionary of the Terminator movie(s). Creator and director James Cameron simply RULEZ! ”

TerminatorFiles and our love for the saga would not be... without him!

James Cameron articles

James Cameron articles

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The man that brought the Terminator to life! Since the original The Terminator movie, he has made two more sequels, being Terminator 2: Judgment Day and T2:3D Battle Across Time... only to pass the torch to other directors since Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Will he return to the movie that made him famous? Time will only tell.

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Cast & Crew talk about James Cameron Cast & Crew talk about James Cameron
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis, Peter Lamont, Robert Patrick, Bill Paxton, Joel Kramer, John Bruno, Sigourney Weaver, Mario Kassar, Jamie Dixon, Russell Carpente, William Wisher, Todd Graff, Mike Cameron, Michael Biehn, Rae Sanchini and Brad Fiedel talk about James Cameron, what he has done for their cast and crew carriers and more inside info about 'da man'.
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The Need for Speed - A James Cameron Interview The Need for Speed - A James Cameron Interview
The individualism of James Cameron is embodied in his Santa Monica-based Lightstorm Entertainment company. Unlike most directors and producers, he hasn't hung his shingle on a studio lot. His sleek low-rise building is well out of the shadow of Twentieth Century Fox, his hometown studio of choice. Lightstorm is a sleek spill of oak floors, art and artifacts from Cameron's films, including a life-size chrome Terminator - a birthday gift from Stan Winston, with whom he shares another toy, Digital Domain.
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Lights! Cameron! Action! Lights! Cameron! Action!
The millennium is coming early for James Cameron. For the past few months the director-screen-writer-producer has been busy posting "Strange Days," a noirish action thriller he is producing for director Kathyrn Bigelow. It is lensed from his own story and script. Set on New Year's Eve 1999, the film, like most others Cameron has been inolved with, will put a little piece of future within grasp of mere mortals.
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Us: James Cameron Interview Us: James Cameron Interview
The Terminator. Aliens. Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Not for nothing do they call them 'Motion Pictures'. These films contain action so adrenalized they just about dare the heart to keep beating. Each generation of filmmakers has had at least one director who knew how to leave them gasping. Now it's James Cameron's turn
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Iron Jim Iron Jim
When he made The Abyss he went over budget and over schedule, missing his release date by four weeks. When he made Terminator 2: Judgment Day he broke budget records and kept three editors working frantically to make a July 1 release. This time he wasn't just pushing the envelope - he was ripping it to shreds, he was vaporizing it. He'd been shooting True Lies for five months and counting. Word around town put the budget at $120 million. "They say he's totally out of his mind," said one rival filmmaker, "spending more money than anybody ever spent in the history of man."
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Starlog: Director's Judgment Starlog: Director's Judgment
There was a blind innocence surrounding James Cameron as he went about the business of creating the original Terminator. Cameron. then a recent graduate from the Roger Corman school, was working on the biggest project he had ever been involved in and admits to "a naiveté in the way I went about things on that film." Seven years and some big pictures later, the timid tenderfoot has been replaced by the veteran director of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, a man who knows no fear.
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Us: The 100 Million Dollar Man Us: The 100 Million Dollar Man
Cameron had thought about filming the rig-smashing scene with a miniature or faking it onstage, but then he thought again. "Jim said, `Fuck! Let's do it for real,'" [Co-Producer B.J.] Rack recalls. "Everyone was appalled." Appalled or not, when Cameron finally gets around to putting the scene on film, more than 500 assorted technicians and crew members wait nervously for something to happen. And it does: There's a screech of burning rubber...
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James Cameron - How to direct a 'Terminator' James Cameron - How to direct a 'Terminator'
A fantasy filmmaker unleashes a cyborg killer with the face of Arnold Schwarzenegger, an android assassin from the far-off future come to murder the promise of the present. "I was sick and dead broke in Rome, Italy," director James Cameron reminisces, "with a fever of 102, doing the final cut of Piranha II. Thats when I thought of Terminator. I guess it was a fever dream." Terminator, the second movie helmed by the Canadian-born filmmaker, also marks the debut of Arnold Schwarzenegger in a new screen role - as a villain.
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