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“ Indepth reviews of toys, figures, busts, DVDs and lots and lots more Terminator collectibles. ”

Collecting is such fun... even if you are over 500 items ;).

Collectibles articles

Collectibles articles

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Check out detailed info about old and new collectibles, made by fans of the movies or action figures, the pros and cons to the toys or busts or full scale models if you will... but all in all cool reviews of the collectibles out their... waiting to become part of your personal collection. Read the reviews, with more coming as soon as possible.

With latest article on top!

Endoskeleton from Hot Toys review Endoskeleton from Hot Toys review
Way back in July 2004 Jeff Parker wrote this review about the Aoshima version of the Endoskeleton, at the time he was very impressed, and to be fair he still is. But a lot of water has passed under the bridge in 1/6 scale collecting in the three years since he wrote that. Aoshimas big selling point was that their figure was 80% metal and an awesome, heavy beast it was too. But back then another company 'Hot Toys' was knocking out their 'Famous Type' figures. He doesn't think it would be too far from the point to call them 'bootlegs'.
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Sergeant Tech-Com Kyle Reese from Hot Toys review Sergeant Tech-Com Kyle Reese from Hot Toys review
Firstly Jeff Parker must apologise for the gap between my T-800 review and this, the only excuse he can offer is he's moving house and his collection has been and indeed is still mostly in storage. But enough groveling, here's the low down. When he first saw these two figures he was immediately drawn to this one of the two, the attention to detailing just seemed incredible, however in the flesh he feels the T-800 just pips this guy at the post!
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T-800 Terminator from Hot Toys review T-800 Terminator from Hot Toys review
This guy, from the first and best 'Terminator' movie has been released as part of a duo (bought separately) with Kyle Reese (played by Michael Biehn in the original film) being his nemesis. Jeff Parker has said in the past that he wasn't that enamored of T2 (in no way a bad movie, just not one of the best) but having only recently got round to seeing T3 and expecting to be disappointed, he was hugely surprised to really enjoy it.
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12'' T-X from Popsalute review 12" T-X from Popsalute review
Jeff Parker is back for a review of the Popsalute Terminator 3 T-X. As far as intro blurb goes, see his last review for the Popsalute T-850, as this is very much his companion piece. All he will say is that these two figures show another missed opportunity for a US manufacturer, as to the best of his knowledge there has never been a 1/6 scale poseable, fabric dressed terminator figure. Lets see if she measures up?
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12'' T-850 from Popsalute review 12" T-850 from Popsalute review
Back last summer Jeff Parker wrote his first review on the Japanese imported Aoshima die-cast T-800, and now he has a new Far East import, this time from the Hong Kong-based 'new' manufacturer Popsalute. Now Popsalute has been operating for some time as an eBay trader but has only recently (in fact these are their first licensed release) gone into manufacturing. Jeff will review the T-850 first and follow it with the female T-X which has been released as a companion/enemy piece.
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Aoshima Die Cast T-800 Endoskeleton review Aoshima Die Cast T-800 Endoskeleton review
Jeff Parker, a collector from the UK, has some interesting review to share with you folks. First up is a review of the Aoshima Die Cast T-800 Endoskeleton. Now he's not the biggest Terminator fan, and for him if Mr Cameron had left us with just the original he thinks the world would be a richer place. Controversial... maybe, but he thinks it's the only truly original, good film he's made. But this figure has to be seen and held to be believed, so let's go.
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