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“ Think the Terminator movies are still fantasy? Then check these cool articles. ”

Some of the stuff seen in the movies is now part of our lives

Future Today articles

Future Today articles

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Interested in some science fact, instead of science fiction? Then check out these articles about things that are no longer only possible in the movie realm, but in our dayly lives. From robotic suits, to artificial intelligent machines, roaming around the world, doing tasks we do not dare... in the end cleaning the path of mankind for a better existance. Or not.

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How robot armies will work How robot armies will work
"The Terminator" showed us a future where battalions of sentient, humanoid robots wage war on mankind. While that vision is still well within the realm of science fiction, many countries are looking into creating robot soldiers, including the United States.
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Military Robots of the Future Military Robots of the Future
Since Robby the Robot first appeared on screen in 1956's Forbidden Planet, science fiction in print, film and on television has pushed the limits of our imagination regarding machines of the future and their abilities to perform human tasks. From Star Wars to The Terminator, Junkyard Wars and Robot Warriors, our glimpse at the potential for tomorrow has amazed and sometimes stunned us. Well, get ready. The future may be closer than you think.
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Robot Warriors May Win Future Wars Robot Warriors May Win Future Wars
While robots are fighting rebels in Iraq today, the U.S. Army is planning for still more battle robots in the future. Large sums of money have been channelled into a programme for winning future wars. Robots do not require salaries or pensions. They need no sleep. But above all, they fear neither killing others nor being killed themselves. They are the born soldiers, pure and simple.
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US Military Robots Employed in Iraqi War US Military Robots Employed in Iraqi War
Military unmanned systems, including a wide range of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), a number of currently fielded unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), and perhaps one unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV), saw action in the war with Iraq, according to Pentagon and industry officials, informed sources and press reports.
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Drone patrols over Mexican border Drone patrols over Mexican border
The Homeland Security Department is considering the use of unmanned aircraft to track drug smugglers, illegal immigrants and terrorists along the porous U.S. border with Mexico, a top official told a Senate panel Tuesday. "There's a lot of interest in this," Robert Bonner, commissioner of the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection, told the homeland security subcommittee. "I think there's potential there."
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The first generation of 'Skynet'?! The first generation of 'Skynet'?!
DISA is the single DoD integrator for joint, coalition, and combined command and control (C2) and combat support capabilities. The integration of Service and Agency-developed data sources and decision support tools is essential to the Combatant Commanders' abilities to "fight joint." These products must support both fixed-base and deployed decision makers on diverse platforms and under communications conditions ranging from robust to austere.
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