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“ What the future brings or what today is already being developed within robotics engineering. ”

Endoskeletons might be a bit far fetched... or?

Robotics articles

Robotics articles

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Danger danger danger, Will Robinson. Well... not actually that robot. But there are robots out there... and we do see robots in our beloved Terminator movies. Soo... what, if and when will they be? Check out some of the articles below about robotics.

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Robots That Spark Your Imagination Robots That Spark Your Imagination
Interestingly enough, the history of robotics officially began with the 1921 play R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots) by Czech writer Karel Capek. The term "robot" originates from the Czech word robota, which means "forced labor."
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New Make, New Model, New Mission New Make, New Model, New Mission
It seems there's a lot of confusion about the Terminator's model and make. Especially after Terminator 3 has been released, in which they used the term T-101 to refer to the Terminator's model. The most detailed information about the Terminator's model is given in the director's cut of Terminator 2. There's a small scene in which Sarah and John have to switch the Terminator's CPU from "read-only mode" to "read/write mode." As they put the CPU back in the Terminator's head, we get to see its bootup display, and the make and modelnumber is revealed at the top left: CSM-101 T-800 Version 2.4.
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T-1000 technology not scientifically possible T-1000 technology not scientifically possible
Why is it not possible? To answer this question one has to break down what all the T-1000 can do; The T-1000 can reproduce 3-Dimensional images of things it physically samples, The T-1000 when damaged or converted to a liquid structure will revert to a default form and seems to be able to 'cellularly' reconstruct or heal itself while retaining its memory, The T-1000 can...
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Living tissue?! Living tissue?!
Are flesh covered Terminators possible? Frankly, no at least not for long. Scientifically speaking as presented in the Terminator movies, the familiar Arnold style terminator will never be possible. The reason for this impossibility has less to do with technological limitations and more to do with the basic processes of living creatures.
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Robots becoming self-aware?! Robots becoming self-aware?!
Terminator 2: Judgment Day poses some interesting questions regarding the future of machines, forcing us to continually analyse how we define what a human life form is. The Terminator T-800 model is a very sophisticated robot compared with our current technology. He can walk, talk, perceive, and behave like a human being. His power cell supplies energy for 120 years, and an alternate power circuit provides error control in case of damage. But what is more important, T-800 is self aware since it was created by Sky-Net.
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