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“ Will Artificial Intellingen be out to get us? Lets hope its only in the movies... but progress is staggering! ”

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Artificial Intelligence articles

Artificial Intelligence (AI) articles

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Interesting articles about AI. The pros and cons to these developments and most importantly... that we still have a long way to go for this to ever happen. Sure, lots of stuff as seen in movies eventually see the light of day, but we hope that the Terminator universe never becomes a reality ;).

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Artificial Intelligence in (Terminator) Gaming Artificial Intelligence in (Terminator) Gaming
I realize that a new Terminator game is in the making (Terminator Salvation for Consoles in Fall 2009) but I also realize it will be largely a let down and a failure in as far as "Artificial Intelligence" (AI in short) is concerned. Technological difficulties aside, the gaming industry is first and foremost a business, and from that perspective it makes little sense to invest heavily in AI where there is almost zero immediate return on investment for any major developer or publisher to produce such an attempt at this kind of game/simulation. If the current macroeconomic state of affairs of the world are any indicator, there may never be a Skynet or Terminator or even any game that simulates it.
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Why computers will not take over the world Why computers will not take over the world
Many science fiction authors have foreseen a future in which machines or computers become 'smarter' than humans, and enslave or exterminate them. They imagine futuristic machines as 'superior' beings, and somehow this would turn mankind unnecessary. However, recent findings, mainly in artificial intelligence, robotics, and philosophy of cognitive science, suggest a different picture.
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The next big bang: Man meets machine The next big bang: Man meets machine
In science-fiction fantasies, the melding of organic matter and digital technology usually takes human form, from Steve Austin's six-million-dollar bionics to the replicants running amok in "Blade Runner" to the Terminator. Yet research on multiple fronts in digital technology, biotechnology and nanotechnology may, over the next half century, alter the way we think about computers and information, and our relationship to them.
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I, robot? No, you cyborg! I, robot? No, you cyborg!
If you have been stocking up on heavy high energy plasma rifles in anticipation of the looming battle with the Terminators, or have been studying up on the Voight-Kampff Test to help uncover rogue replicants, Terry Dartnall has some bad news for you - the cyborgs are already here, and you are one of them!
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T2 and Technology T2 and Technology
This section is about some of the technology found in Terminator 2 -- both the science fictional variety and the real world science upon which it is based. We'll look at the fundamental technologies of Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, and Artificial Life. Then we'll see how these technologies are used in T2, as evidenced by the film's dialog and action. Finally, we'll speculate about the exotic technologies that might be employed in the "liquid metal" T-1000 series Terminator.
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Can a machine ever become self-aware? Can a machine ever become self-aware?
Since the early Fifties, science fiction movies have depicted robots as very sophisticated machines built by humans to perform complex operations, to work with humans in safe critical missions in hostile environments, or, more often, to pilot and control spaceships in galactic travels. At the same time, however, intelligent robots have also been depicted as dangerous machines, capable of working against man through wicked plans.
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