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“ Sure... he IS the Terminator, yet we have only one article? Thats because he's spread amongst almost all others! ”

We hope to be able to add more in the future

Arnold Schwarzenegger articles

Arnold Schwarzenegger articles

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Though the 'main man' behind the Terminator movies, there aren't many articles on him in this section. Probably because he is spread so much amongst the others, or that this is the only special article we could find. Got any to share about the true and only Terminator himself? Then contact us and we will add it to these articles.

With latest article on top!

The Terminator - An about-face for Schwarzenegger The Terminator - An about-face for Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger does an about-turn in The Terminator -- not only moving from the mythological era of his two previous Conan films into the futurem but also playing a villain for the first time. The film begins in the year 2029, when machines have got the upper hand over humans. Schwarzenegger himself is part-human and part-machine -- a cyborg. He is subjected to a spot of time travel that lands him in modern-day Los Angeles. There he has to find and kill a young woman (Linda Hamilton) who otherwise will have a profound effect on the future of mankind, something of which she's blissfully unaware.
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