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“ The Expanded Universe, or at least all the stuff thats extra to the movies. ”

A total new TerminatorFiles section which is expected to become very big

Terminator Universe

The Expanded Universe (EU)

Main info

This section delves deeper into all the things surrounding the movies, TV-series and attractions. An expanded universe (EU) of all things Terminator related. This ranges from cast and crew bios, characters, clothing, weapons from the movies, but also strange and infinite characters from collectibles like comic book series, toys and lots and lots more.

As you can imagine, this is lots to be added. Our site has been build up by content by the fans, and for the fans, and this specific section is no different. We will do our best to show you the expanded universe of cool stuff that goes deeper into the Terminator saga than the movies and media alone. There is quite some work ahead of us, soo lets get to it!


Keep up to 'date' with all the dates around the Terminator saga. From important dates depicted in the movies, movie premieres, cast and crew birthdays and other dates something special has happened (or is going to happen). Like for instance August 29th 1997; Skynet becomes self-aware, Judgment Day according to T2. Check out a comprehensive calendar with key moments of any- and everything Terminator related.

Check the full calendar for all related dates!

Cast and crew

Read bio's of both cast and crew, but also check for more indepth info like websites, interviews, media and lots of other personal information. Including, but not limited to, Michael Biehn, Earl Boen, Claire Danes, Edward Furlong, Linda Hamilton, Lance Henrikson, Kristanna Loken, Joe Morton, Robert Patrick, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nick Stahl, Paul Winfield, Jonathan Mostow and of course James Cameron. To be expanded with lots new sections!


A fans extensive analysis of the narrative chronology of events related to any and all things Terminator related. With the help of sources that can be found in the movies, games, comics and more, a list of events has been made from 1955 till 2032. And it can be added to by all interested parties.

Check out the full Terminator chronology!


There are a lot of discussions about the parallels in timetravel, conversions of (normal) space and other explanations that have to do with paradoxes as shown in the movie. To much to think about... to many theories about 'what is right' and 'what is wrong'. Too 'brainboggling' we would say. A new dynamic animation is currently under review, so you can check out the diverse timesplits (which was a result of the inconcistancy of all directors, even Cameron).

Check our different Terminator timelines collected over the years!

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