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“ The man that breathed new life into the Terminator Saga! ”

Director Jonathan Mostow

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Jonathan Mostow

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Jonathan Mostow, born on the 28th of November 1961, began his filmmaking career while a student at Harvard University, where he directed numerous award-winning shorts and documentaries. As a college senior, he sold a short suspense film he directed to HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and The Movie Channel. His 1991 feature-length directorial debut, the Showtime television thriller "Flight of the Black Angel," earned him a Cable ACE nomination for Best International Movie or Special.

Mostow's feature film debut was as writer and director of the critically acclaimed 1997 Paramount thriller "Breakdown," starring Kurt Russell and Kathleen Quinlan. The same year, he executive produced "The Game," starring Michael Douglas and Sean Penn. Both films opened #1 at the box office.

In 1998, Mostow directed Tom Hanks in "La Voyage Dans La Lune," the finale episode of the Emmy Award-winning HBO mini-series "From Earth to the Moon."

Mostow directed and co-wrote the hit action thriller "U-571," starring Matthew McConaughey, Harvey Keitel and Jon Bon Jovi. The W.W.II submarine movie from Universal Pictures was #1 at the box office for two consecutive weeks. The film garnered two Academy Award® nominations and an Oscar® for "Best Sound Editing."

Mostow is partnered with former Universal Pictures Production President Hal Lieberman in Mostow / Lieberman Productions. Based at Universal Studios, the company is in development on a number of feature projects. The company also has an overall television deal with Studios USA.

Mostow revamped the Terminator saga (and its fanbase around the world) with the 'T3 Rise of the Machines' movie, which looks and feels a lot different then the previous James Cameron movies. A new incentive by a new director, making it move forward with the story... and maybe even resulting in several more 'rumoured' sequels.

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