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“ Do I look like the mother of the future!? ”

Linda Hamilton is Sarah Connor

Linda Hamilton profile

Linda Hamilton

Main info

Linda Hamilton was born on September 26, 1956, along with her twin sister, Leslie. She grew up in Salisbury, Maryland and attended Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland. After two years, Hamilton left school for Lee Strasberg's acting classes in New York.

She appeared in a number of small TV and film roles between 1980 and 1984 before landing the role of Sarah Connor in James Cameron's 'The Terminator'.

In 1987, Hamilton joined the cast of TV's 'Beauty and the Beast' and played Catherine Chandler throughout the run of the popular show.

In 1991, she re-teamed with the Terminator crew, including (then) husband James Cameron, for 'T2 Judgment Day'. The hugely popular film spawned a short theme park film, 'T2:3D Battle Across Time', in which she reprised the role of Sarah Connor for the third time.

Linda Hamilton waived off the roll for the T3: Rise of the Machines, basicly because the role didn't take her anywhere. In T3, she was written out of the story by introducing her death in 1997 caused by leukaemia.

For T4: Salvation she lent her voice for the tapes that John Connor listens to. Unfortunately she is not credited for her participation.

She has a son with her first husband and a daughter with James Cameron (they are now divorced).

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