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“ It's not every day, you'll find out to be responsible for 6 billion deaths! ”

Joe Morton is Miles Dyson

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Joe Morton

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Born the 18th of October 1947, New York, N.Y., USA... Joe Morton (sometimes credited as Joseph Morton) is a versatile black actor with stage, television, and ever-increasing film credits.

After a Broadway debut in 'Hair' and years of experience in musicals (he was nominated for a Tony Award for 'Raisin') and theatre classics, he made his first big movie impression as the mute alien in John Sayles' 'The Brother From Another Planet' (1984).

He has since appeared to good effect playing a wide variety of roles in Trouble in Mind (1985), Crossroads (1986), The Good Mother (1988), Tap (1989), T2 Judgment Day (1991), City of Hope (also 1991, another choice role written for him by Sayles), Of Mice and Men, Forever Young (both 1992), The Inkwell, Speed (both 1994), and The Walking Dead (1995).

He starred on the TV series "Equal Justice" (1990-91) and "Under One Roof" (1995+).

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