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“ Mimetic polyalloy to its finest state! ”

Robert Patrick is the T-1000

Robert Patrick profile

Robert Patrick

Main info

Robert Patrick was born November 5th 1958 in Marietta, Georgia. He entered the business in 1986, playing Johnny Ransom in 'Eye of the Eagle'. He took a number of roles in small films as well as bit parts in larger films such as 'Die Hard 2' before being cast as the unstoppable T-1000 killing machine in 'T2 Judgment Day'.

The movie was so successful, he even parodied the role in 'Wayne's World' (1992) and in co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1993 film 'Last Action Hero'. Then in 1996 he reprised the role for Universal Studios' 'T2:3D Battle Across Time'.

Patrick has appeared in at least three dozen films, including 'Striptease', 'Cop Land' and 'The Faculty'. He also made a memorable 3-episode guest appearance on TV's 'The Sopranos'. Patrick can also be seen portraying Special Agent John Doggett on 'The X-Files' and in some other popular TV-series.

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