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“ No people of this grand stature, no 'real' Terminator saga like we know it today. ”

The Saga would not be, without these great cast- and crewmembers

Terminator cast and crew

Cast / Crew

Main info

In this section we focus on the major cast- and crewmembers, without whom the Saga could not have existed. Its plausible to say that the movies could not have been so good, without Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role. But since even he was at the beginning of his Action Star carreer, we'll actually never know for sure.


The biggest stars of the movie, in most cases, are the machines themselfs that are out to get us. These are a few of them.


Sarah and John Connor. The mother of the future and the savior of mankind. Portrayed by lots of different actors, to name but a few.

Other stars

Of course its not only Terminators and Connors that made the movies. Lots of other great actors helped out, of which some even stole the show from the bigger ones.


Our beloved saga has had several. Even more of them have directed several episodes in the T:SCC TV-series, but they did not make it onto this list.

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