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T3 trivia


Main info

With the release of the third movie in the Terminator saga, and its list of strange things happening during production (or within the Terminator fan community)... its bound to be collected on some fansite on the internet. This just happens to be ours ;)... give or take a few others when time progressed. Check some details in the making of T3, all collected on thise in-depth facts and figures.

In-depth info

Its $170 million budget is the highest approved budget to date (other movies cost more, but had smaller "approved" budgets).

Costs for the movie have been stipulated in the list below (taken from this website):

  • Story rights (Carolco and Gale Anne Hurd): $14.5 million
  • Screenplay: $5.2 million
    - John D. Brancato & Michael Ferris: $1 million
  • Director (Jonathan Mostow): $5 million
  • Producers: $10 million
  • Cast: $35 million
    - Arnold Schwarzenegger: $29.25 million + 20% gross profits
    - Arnold's perks: $1.5 million
    - Rest of principal cast: $3.85 million
    - Extras: $400,000
  • Production costs: $58 million
  • Post-production costs: $4 million
  • Visual effects: $20 million
  • Music: $2 million
  • Other costs: $33.6 million
  • Total: $187.3 million

Was originally slated to be shot in Vancouver, BC, but was relocated at the last minute to LA. Speculated reasons for the move was due to rising criticisms against American productions being shot in Canada ("runaway productions") and Arnold Schwarzenegger's political aspirations, although the official reason is that LA studio space became available at the last minute to accommodate the production.

Edward Furlong was originally slated to reprise his role as John Connor, but due to his continuing drug problem, his role was passed onto Nick Stahl.

Former WWF wrestler Chyna was originally slated to play the Terminatrix

After viewing initial dailies, the director, Mostow, Jonathan deemed Bush, Sophia too young to play hero John Connor's love interest, and replaced her with Danes, Claire.

Claire Forlani auditioned for the part of Kate Brewster.

Shane West was considered for the part of John Connor.

A number of actors were supposedly in the running for the role of the T-X, including Vin Diesel, 'Shaquille ONeal, Famke Janssen, and Joanie Laurer. Laurer's name came into the mix when she was recommended for the part by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself during an interview prior to filming.

The T-X was originally called the T-1G. At one point The T-X was going to be a male Terminator.

The secret production name for the movie was originally "York Square".

Aside from creating the characters, James Cameron had nothing to do with this film.

Ang Lee was offered to direct the film, but turned it down to direct Hulk (2003) instead.

The original tagline of "The War Begins 2003" was removed from all promotional material due to the political climate of the time, and the war in Iraq. The line was changed to simply "Coming Soon".

Toyota Motor Corporation provided seven Toyota Tundra trucks to be destroyed in the movie. Toyota will also be selling a limited edition of Toyota Tundra T3 trucks.

Arnold Schwarzenegger put up $1.4 million of his salary to ensure that a key scene where a construction crane smashes into a glass building was shot. Director Jonathan Mostow, was apparently worried that the film was going to run behind schedule and over budget.

In an early draft of the script, Lance Henriksen's character of Detective Vukovich from Terminator, The (1984) was to reprise his role, though bound to a wheelchair following the events of the first Terminator. The idea was eventually dropped.

Kristanna Loken put on 15 pounds of muscle to fit her role of the T-X. She also took a mime class to prepare for her part. Because her character has so few lines, she had to learn to communicate through facial expressions and body gestures.

For advertising purposes Indian Motorcycle Company donated eight "Chief" model motorcycles outfitted as California highway patrol bikes for use in the film, one of which was completely destroyed on purpose when crushed by a truck during a chase scene.

Besides Arnold Schwarzenegger, the only other actor to appear in all Terminator movies is Earl Boen who played the character of Dr. Silberman in all three movies.

Arnold's signature line "I'll be back" is not uttered in this film. It's however replaced by two similar variations: referring to the T-X, he tells John Connor "She'll be back". Then, reappearing for the film's climax, he announces "I'm back!".

The character of Kate Brewster's fiancé was originally named Scott Petersen. Due to the name's similarity to Scott Peterson (a California man accused of murdering his pregnant wife and their unborn child in late 2002 while out fishing), and the plot of his fiancée's kidnapping, the character's name was changed to Scott Mason, although he's still listed as Scott Petersen in the credits. Plus, the unborn child was called Connor. The producers were further worried that having a murdered 'Scott Petersen' in a Terminator film would be a bit close to the mark.

The famous line "Get out!" is said in all three films.

A shot of the Terminator getting on a motorcycle and then swerving to the right as he takes off is seen from the same angle in all three movies.

The famous line "Come with me if you want to live" is not used in the film. However, a variation of it is given when John says to Kate "Do you wanna live? Come on!" in the cemetery.

Ben Curtis (aka "the Dell Dude") auditioned for the role of John Connor.

Billy D. Lucas, a personal stuntman for Arnold Schwarzenegger can be seen as the angry guy yelling at John Connor after John bumped into his car.

The exact date of Judgment Day is 24 July 2004 at 6:18 PM, according to both the T-850 & the watch he examines in the beginning of the film.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's last starring role before becoming governer of California.

Ridley Scott and John McTiernan were considered for the director's job after James Cameron turned down to reprise the director's role. Cameron refused to do so as he claimed that he had told the story completely after Terminator 2.

Carrie Anne Moss, Peta Wilson and Jeri Ryan were also considered for the role of T-X.

Linda Hamilton was initially approached to reprise her role as Sarah Connor but turned down. A dialog in the movie has instead the T-800 saying that Sarah died of leukemia in 1997.

The first week of photography was the scene where the Terminator crashes the truck on the T-X at the exterior of the vet clinic. The last day of photography was the scene where the T-X appeared from the time portal.

When the T-X's weapon is damaged, her on screen display chooses a new weapon. The display shows the name of the weapon and a description, but if you look closely the description for all of the weapons simply states: "Important information about this weapon is being displayed here".

One of these weapons that the T-X has the option of choosing, is called 'Phased Plasma Auto Rifle'. This might be a reference to original The Terminator movie, as well as a weapon as seen in James Cameron's 'Aliens'.

According to the Terminator's computer display, he fires 760 rounds of ammunition during the cemetery scene.

During the cemetery scene, as the Terminator's computer display is counting rounds fired and casualties, names are scrolled on the screen. Many of these names are members of the Visual Effects department (Enid, Keiko, James, Rod, Mark, Bryan, and more)

During filming of the scene where Scott Mason/Petersen morphs into the T-X, both actors were filmed performing the same motions and blended to create the effect. When filming, Mark Famiglietti, who plays Scott, had to wear large platform shoes because Kristanna Loken is so much taller than he is.

After the T-X has damaged her primary weapon, a 1st-person view shows her going through different weapon choices. On the right side of the screen, one of the weapons is named "Rumsfeld P81 Cauterizer".

When the T-101 is rebooting after destroying the Jeep Cherokee, among other things loaded is a "Quicktime Video Codec".

Two of the air bases Skynet is shown taking control of are "Moron Airfield" and "Batman Air Base". They are both REAL places! Moron is a US Air Force base in Spain, and Batman is an Airbase in Turkey.

When the Terminator reboots himself, to rid his system from corruption caused by the T-X, we can see, in his first-person "Terminator Vision", many items scroll by. These include: "Remote Access", "Sound", "Memory", "Software Update", "QuickTime Player", "Control Strip", "Date & Time", "Multiple Users", "Keychain Access", "Location Manager", "Energy Saver", "Add Application Program", and also "". All of these items (with the exception of "") are easily recognized components of Apple Macintosh operating systems, most likely Mac OS 9. (in Terminator 1 the "Terminator Vision" incorporated assembly code for the then-current Apple II computer)

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