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T3 mistakes

Movie mistakes

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Especially for all those nitpickers (or other fans interested in some 'miss'-facts of the Terminator movie) ...we posted a list of Movie mistakes ;). And there are lots to be found in this third movie, not by the original director of the first two. Inevitability of inconcistancy and not that brought knowledge of the subject matter? Appearently


The start of the movie ...and the end of the world!

  • When they show the bottom of the canal littered with human bones there are, literally, a million skulls, but no other bones from the human body.
  • When the T-X arrives in her 'time bubble', the text on the window of the boutique ("I like the look") is on and off at certain places in the scene (though hard to see anyway).
  • When the T-X steals the car in the beginning, she's weaving in and out of traffic and from her point of view we see that she is coming up to a truck in the right lane. The view changes to a view from outside the car and she's turning into the right lane and driving straight ahead. The truck is gone.
  • When the T-X runs a red light in the stolen Lexus, a cop stopped at the red light and does a one-eighty to begin pursuit. When the TX pulls over, the license plate on the cop's squad car is not the same as when it had stopped at the red light.
  • When the T-X scans Jose Barrera, her heads-up display has Barrera spelt incorrectly: "Barerra".
  • When the Terminator scans the doorman at the bar, a display comes up categorizing each piece of the doorman's clothing. The word "briefs" is misspelled "breifs".

Animal hospital

The T-X gets some taste for John Connor.

  • When Kate gets the phone call in the middle of the night to goto the pet clinic, her phone is a white & blue Nokia 8310. Later on when she is calling from the back of the Tundra truck and it loses reception and the camera goes onto the phones, it has become an all blue Nokia 51xx series phone?!
  • When the Cat lady is shot by the T-X, she hits the floor, and can be seen just past the corner of the hallway. When the shot angle changes, she is a few feet back and her position changed.
  • The T-X did not hear Kate when she was only a few feet away and breathing loudly. Considering the scope of some of her technology, one would assume she would easily find her.
  • After the truck hits the T-X, it crashes into the building and the doors are inside. Yet in the very next shot we see the Terminator get out of the car... and the doors are outside the building, without backing the truck up. Then when John Connor escapes the cage and he runs into the T-800, you can see the truck again... but this time its more than halfway inside the building.
  • None of the cops and firebrigade ask the Terminator or the T-X why they are there. Normally a fire-set place is kept under control... not to mention Arnold just walking around with a gun.

Crane chase

Can the T2 canal chase be topped? Appearently!

  • Just before John Connor crashes into the car in front of the Tundra, there are a couple of shots shown from inside. During these shots, there is a cameraman visible on the extreme left hand side of the frame, hiding behind a black Jaguar.
  • When the truck crashes into a car, it is totalled. When they drive off, the Tundra's front end is perfectly fine.
  • The T-X may be able to gain control of computerised devices, but driving a car remotely is ridiculous. How does she shift it from park into drive? How does she steer? Driving a car is a mechanical process. If the car itself was already equipped with a computerised remote device, and she gained control of that, she could do it, but that's not the case. Remote control of a normal car goes beyond "controlling machines" - it's more like telekinesis.
  • When the remote cars are crashing into the truck the up close camera angles do not show the same damage on the front and sides of the police cars as the far away angles do.
  • When the crane smashing through the building, the broken pillars are obviously wood, and not concrete/metal they are made to appear.
  • The legs of the crane are out in some shots and retracted in other shots.
  • The truck driver's door disappears and reappears several times.
  • In one shot the hood of the truck is bent upward, in the next shot it is straight and undamaged.
  • When the Terminator tells the fireman to "Get out", his lips do not move.
  • When the remote cars are crashing into the truck the up-close camera angles do not show the same damage on the front and sides of the police cars as the far away angles do.
  • Arnold jumped a big dent into the truck roof. The damage he causes changes when we see the truck driving off into the distance.
  • After Arnold gets in the truck, if you look closely, the truck's shifter is all the way in park, whilst driving?!


The main characters of the movie get to know eachother!

  • After the Terminator gets in the truck with John, following the defeat of the TX in the crane, he talks to him and behind John the undamaged passenger window is shown all the way up. When we go back to the same view a few seconds later it is down.
  • The T-850 tells John that the Terminator of T2 Judgment Day was "another T101". Is this a hickup?; It's either a CSM-101 or a T-800/T-850 and not a T101. CSM-101 is the skin model number and T-800/T-850 is the Endoskeleton number. (Or at least this is known to be like this around the fans!)
  • During the scene where the T-850 explains some stuff to John Connor... if you keep watching out the Terminator's side window, in the distance you can see somewhere about three huge cone-shaped trees. Every time the Terminator talks, they're always in the shot. In one shot, there's about five, then it's always three again.
  • John says he was 13 in T2. Yet, the police computer in T2 says that he was 10. It is possible that the police made a mistake, but still ...for John to be 13 it would be 1998, AFTER the original Judgment Day date.
  • At the gas station where, John and Kate get in the back of the truck. The crowbar used to lock the back door is gone. When they drive off it's back into place and when they reach their destination and the back door is opened, the crowbar has vanished.


Visiting a tomb of the past.

  • After the T-X kill's the two agents in the car, there is a crane shot of her car turning around in the middle of the road. On that road you can see the mark in the middle of the road showing the driver where exactly to turn.
  • The cemetery wall says Sarah lived from 1959 to 1997. That means that when Sarah had John she would have been 25. Yet in T2 (which takes place in 1995), Silberman says that Sarah is 29 and according to T3, she should have been 37.
  • When Arnold is carrying the casket out to the hearse, he takes on heavy fire, yet later on there is not one bullet hole in his leather jacket.
  • When the Terminator throws the casket through the back window of the hearse, the glass window is obviously broken. A few moments later, when Connor appears from the casket, the back window is intact.
  • After Kate ran off onto the cemetary, you see the car of the two dead cops (commandeered by the T-X), pull up a little distance from Kate. The TX is in the backseat, yet the car somehow manages to stop. Is the transmission shift forced into park and/or did the T-X kick its foot through the bottom of the drivers-seat to brake?
  • When Arnold shot the rocket launcher at the T-X from the front seat of the hearse, Kate was standing a few yards behind the launcher in what is called the "back-blast area". She should have sustained major burn and blast injuries when the weapon was fired.

Hearse chase

How to change a hearse into a cabriolet.

  • During the entire chase, the transmission shift lever is in park.
  • The hubcaps come off but are back on in later scenes.
  • As the TX jumps from the embankment to the roof of the moving car you can easily see her body change angle and velocity in mid-air as a result of the cables controlling her decent.
  • As the hearse comes out from under the big truck (while they are trying to get rid of the T-X), you can see that the windscreen is intact. But as they drive down the hill it's missing.
  • After the T-X has damaged her primary weapon, a 1st-person view shows her going through different weapon choices. On the right side of the screen, one of the weapons is named "Rumsfeld P81 Cauterizer". The weopons in order are: P31 Caustic Shells x231 HDE-Predator (333b) Finite Rapid Cluster Gun .45mm Cascader Nano-Disruptor (.222mm) SUBauro Neutralizer (.444) IAD-CHemTech.
  • When the T-X's weapon is damaged, her on screen display chooses a new weapon. The display shows the name of the weapon and a description, but if you look closely the description for all of the weapons simply states: "Important information about this weapon is being displayed here".


Judgment Day is just a few hours away.

  • When they are switching from the hearse to the camper, John walks up to Kate who is sitting in the passenger seat of the hearse and talks to her with the passenger window not there. When he walks over to talk to Arnold, we see the hearse in the background with the passenger side tinted window up and no sign of Kate in the car. John then walks back to the hearse and Kate is sitting back in the passenger seat and the window is broken again.
  • When John is talking to Kate, she is sitting in the passenger seat crying. You can see the tears rolling down her face. The camera angle changes to John and then back to her again and her face is completely dry.
  • When Arnold places the ammunition on the picnic table, you seen some green grenade rounds on the table, with their bottom (where the firing pin would hit on a normal cartridge) facing towards the camera. When he puts the rest of the ammo on the table, you see the copper heads of the rounds.
  • Arnold says the T-X doesn't know where John Connor is because he left no paper trail. But he's still the primary target. Not knowing where he is, she attacks his lieutenants. Why didn't the machines send her back to a time where they knew they could find him, as they did in the second movie? Unless her primary mission was to start the war all along.

Cyber Research Systems (CRS)

Skynet awakes!

  • How do John, Kate, and the Terminator gain access to the military compound? There would have been tight security to prevent unauthorised personnel from easily gaining access to the facility, not to mention the command centre.
  • On the way to General Brewsters office, you can see them carry him through the hallways. His jacket is undone and you can see his shirt and tie. Yet when they enter the office it shows him sitting down with his jacket neatly buttoned up.
  • When Kate is talking to her dad who is dying, she starts crying. But when the camera switches back to her from her dad, there are no tears. Her face is completely dry.
  • During the cemetery scene the Terminator counted every single round fired from the chain gun. When confronted with the T-X, he tries to fire his rifle and finds out the clip is empty. He should've known he was already out.
  • There is water spraying from the damage but neither of the Terminators get wet.
  • The backfire from the Mini Hunter Killer's boosters would have at least singed John's & Kate's hair while flying over them.
  • John cranks up the magnetic machine like he has done it a thousand times. Of course we all know how to crank up a top secret big ass magnetic machine. No problem!?!
  • The T-X is being overpowered by the magnetic field. Why aren't the weapons in John Connor's backpack being pulled too?


Kate and John fly in to save the day?!

  • The tool chest that Kate is thrown into changes position from when she hit it to when she is getting ready to climb into the plane with John.
  • When Arnold is slamming his fists again the truck trying to fight his new programming, the damage to the truck changes between each camera angle. Watch the passenger front tyre collapse under the truck in one scene and then it's just at an angle on the next.
  • When John & Kate take off in the Cessna plane, the tail is N9373F. When they land the tail number has changed to N3035C.


2 billion lifes end... Judgment Day has come!

  • The T-850 can not self terminate (as told in T2 Judgment Day)... but uses his last powerpack to blow up the T-X!
  • If a Terminator is fitted with 2 powerpacks... and the T-850 pulls out his last, how is it possible it keeps 'running'? Is there some kind of reserve enabled in the system?!
  • John's leg was crushed by the T-X. After emerging from the elevator, he limps on the wrong leg.
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