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T3 companies


Main info

Making a movie is not always possible without the help of specialised companies. Their involvments range from special effects to delivering film equipment and security to catering for cast and crew. Here's a list of the most we found, possibly with links towards their websites.


C-2 Pictures
IMF GmbH & Co. Produktions KG
Intermedia Films
Mostow/Lieberman Productions


Cascade Film Release Russia
Columbia TriStar Film Distributors Release UK
Columbia TriStar Film GmbH Release Germany
Columbia TriStar Films Release FR, NL and Argentina
Columbia TriStar Italia Release Italy
Columbia TriStar DVD and VHS Brazil
EDKO Film Ltd. Release Hong Kong
Intermedia Films Release foreign
LK-Tel DVD and VHS Argentina
Sony Pictures Intnernational CR, Hungary, Korea, Romania
Toho-Towa Release Japan
Warner Bros. Release North America

Special Effects

Beau LLC Visual effects
CIS Hollywood Additional visual effects
Digic Pictures FX
Digiscope FX
Giant Killer Robots Robotics
Hydraulx Visual effects
Industrial Light & Magic FX
New Deal Studios Visual effects photos/models
Riot Visual effects
Sandbox Pictures Visual effects
Stan Winston Studio Robotics and Make-up


BiPack Inc. Main titles
Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment Inc. Cranes/dollies
EFilm Digital intermediate
Kona Cutting Negative cutting
Scarlet Letters End titles
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