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Terminator Salvation mistakes

Movie mistakes

Main info

This fouth movie has its own inconcistancies... especially since its an entire story of itself. Check out some of the details we found ourselfs or contact us if you feel more should be added.


Marcus Wright donates his body to Cyberdyne Systems.

  • Dr. Serena Kogan is seen without head hair as a result of cancer treatment, but she still has her eyebrows?! Not all body hair is lost during chemo therapy, though most people probably expect it to (in line with ignorance of general public).
  • When Dr. Serena Kogan is standing over Marcus Wright, her head is between him and the light above him, but when it shows his face there is no shadow.
  • When Marcus is being executed, there are six loaded syringes in a row, all extended. Syringe five descends first, and in this shot syringe three is returning to its fully extended position, when previously it was already extended. Then syringe three descends again.

Large Array

The resistance enters a Skynet fascility experimenting on humans.

  • During the attack, there is a POV shot of a missile heading towards a target at 'North 36 deg, 17 mins, 22 secs' and 'East 117 deg, 15 mins, 23 secs'. Those coordinates are in Eastern China, south of Beijing, an unlikely target for Connor's team to travel to. However, if the eastern coordinate of '117 deg' is changed to 'West' then the target is in Death Valley, California, a more probable target.
  • A number of members of the resistance leave their helicopters after they land. But as they are walking/running from the helicopters, their hair (especially the woman with long hair) is blowing toward the helicopters, not away from it.
  • When John Connor takes off on the chopper in the beginning of the movie, he never put on his safety restraints. He never removes his hands from the controls so he could not put it on in flight. After he crashes upside down, he is held in his seat upside down by the belt he never put on.


Marcus Wright finds his way to the city.

  • When Marcus starts the car and the music starts playing, the street lamp posts still have their glass bulb covers intact. Considering all the cars had either had their windows blown out or were charred, the streetlamps would have suffered a similar fate in the event of a nuclear blast.
  • When Marcus is repairing the jeep and they start driving away he doesn't clamp down the hood with the two hood latches on the outside of the hood. Yet while they are escaping the hunter killer you can see the two hood latches secured in place.
  • When Marcus and Kyle have found their first abandoned vehicle and just got it started, they are all inside and the windscreen is covered in mud or dust which means it's going to be pretty difficult to see out. However, as they are attacked and have to drive off in an instant, the windscreen (seen from the outside) is suddenly crystal clear.

Gas station

Marcus Wright, Kyle Reese and Star stop for gas and possibly some food.

  • During the confrontation between Kyle Reese and the resistance fighters, forward shots of Reese show him protecting Star with his shotgun, while close-ups and over-the-shoulder shots have Reese pointing the weapon at the lead resistance fighter.
  • Watch carefully and you can see the 'pull lines' yanking the stuntmen away.


The Harvester launches two Moto-Terminators, who are in hot persuit!

  • During the chase, the ball on the tow truck switches from being locked to the side of the boom arm to swinging freely, most notable right before Marcus tells Kyle to drop the ball.
  • During the motorbike chase sequence after the ball on the end of the tow truck snags the Moto-Terminator and starts dragging it and just before the truck goes over the bridge, you can see the drag lines made on the right side of the road during principle photography for the animators to add in the CG ball, cable, and bike in post-production.
  • During the chase, the road clearly has double yellow striping. Later, before they approach the bridge the striping changes to a white lane-divider line. White center striping on US roads was replaced with yellow in the 1970s. (It is possible that the film makers used an old section of road still showing pre-1970s lane markings and forgot to correct the continuity.)

A-10's to the rescue

Blair Williams and another A-10 fighter come help out best they can.

  • A-10's were designed to take a beaten and yet still fly. In this movie, two different A-10's are destroyed. One by its wing being shot, the other by losing an engine. This would not be enough, the A-10's can fly both without a wing missing, and an engine destroyed and still be combat able to fly.
  • Blair Williams is hanging suspended by her parachute tangled in a tower. She asks Marcus to hand her her knife to cut herself down, and then proceeds to cut her way through her right parachute riser, after which she falls free. She ignores the canopy release on her shoulder (designed to release the parachute in less than a second. However the left side has already been released (and she did not have the knife to cut it yet). Any fighter pilot has to use both releases every time they fly, once to attach to the parachute (which is packed into the ejection seat, not worn), and then to release it again to exit the aircraft, so it is incomprehensible that they would not know how to release it properly.
  • In the scene where Marcus rescues Blair from the gang... its dark and pouring down heavily. However... right after, Marcus somehow manages to find dry wood to burn... and the ground and everything around them is completely dry.

Testing the weapon

Connor test the new hidden signal on Skynet machines.

  • John Connor is seen driving a JK series 4 door Jeep Wrangler, which was first manufactured for the 2007 model year. Skynet launched its massive nuclear war against the humans in 2004. There would be no need to continue to develop new vehicles for a non-existent buying public, nor would there be humans to construct it ;).

Resistance bunker

Marcus Wright is captured and unmasked for what he is.

  • When John Connor tells Marcus about how Skynet has tried to kill him, his mother and his father Kyle Reese, Marcus doesn't question how a teenager could be the father of John Connor, who is obviously much older. Marcus therefore has no reason to think the teenager would be the same Kyle Reese who is supposedly John Connor's father, yet happily states how he's been hanging out with him.
  • Marcus Wright's accent drops momentarily when he is chained up and the actor's native Australian accent comes through.
  • When Blair drops the shackled Marcus, he's in an upright position, leaning slightly forward, and he falls straight down. He should have landed upright and fallen on his face. However, when he reaches the bottom (a drop of no more than 20 feet), he's in a prone position and lands on his back.

Escaping the bunker

Marcus Wright and Blair Williams escape. John and Marcus face-off.

  • After pursuing Marcus Wright to the river after he escapes, Connor's helicopter is attacked by Hydrobots. As one of the machines breaks through the Helicopters frontal control panel, we see the pilot fire at least four pistol rounds at the machine, yet no gunshots are heard.
  • The amount of hair and damage to Marcus' face keeps changing during the face-off between him and John.
  • When Marcus Wright walks across the river, you can spot the water pump that is supposed to set the water in motion. Due to this it looks more like a fountain than a river.
  • When John Connor uses a radio playing Guns 'n' Roses "You Could Be Mine" to attract a Moto-Terminator, the music stops when he catches it. However, the radio can be seen intact in the road and Connor does not switch it off. Why does the music stop?

Skynet base

Marcus Wright is a whole human again. Or is he?

  • When Marcus Wright learns how and why he was programmed he throws a table at the see-through screen. A wire attached to the table can be seen suspended from it as it comes to rest, essentially hanging in the air.

Final battle

In the Skynet fascility, all stars fight for another day.

  • In the final scenes after Marcus smashes the display screen, he exits the control room. In the background is gunfire-marked paneling. During the next scene, the Terminator has Kyle on a table being put into a machine. The gun fight takes places and the currently unmarked paneling gets shot up. It is clear that the marks created from the gun fight are the same as the marks behind Marcus from the earlier scene. The plot locations are supposedly different, so the scenery was obviously reused but gunfight scene must have taken place before the scene with Marcus. As no fighting had taken place near the control room, the paneling behind Marcus should have been unscathed.
  • Obvious dummy being knocked over by the door the T800 kicks open.
  • During the scene where John, Kyle, and Star enter the T-700 manufacturing facility we see several T-700 skulls. The skulls already have the brightly lit red eyes placed into the eye sockets. When the camera cuts in the next picture we see an assembly arm install eyes into the eye sockets of one of the skulls.
  • John Connor blurts out that these are T-800 Terminators. But they are not. The merchandise (as well as how they look soo different from the real T-800 attacking them later on) clearly shows them to be T-700 Terminators. Critical error... but maybe John does not know it either.
  • After the Terminator pretends to be Kyle calling for John, there is clearly a wire attached to John's back before he is pushed to the lower level.
  • When John is lying on the ground in the factory as the Terminator bares down on him, the Terminator appears to be right beside him but when he shoots the part to release the hot fluid to land on the Terminator, the Terminator then is suddenly further away from John.
  • When Marcus rips the metal from John's chest he uses his right arm. He then proceeds to stab the T800 skull from left to right following his body motion of going clockwise. Thus the metal would be going from left to right. Later when the T800 face is shown, the metal is showing from right to left.
  • When John Connor is helped into the helicopter and laid right next to the older lady (Virginia), she then disappears from the subsequent helicopter scenes.


Home is where the heart is.

  • During the surgery in the desert, the blood that was being put into John looked like Kool Aid.
  • The photo of Sarah Connor in this film uses a portrait layout and is cropped differently from the landscape framed photo in the original Terminator film.
  • John Connor gets a heart transplant in the middle of the desert? In a tent no less?! And is the heart or blood even compatible?
  • In the closing credits Diego Lopez's role is misspelled as "Soilder" instead of "Soldier"
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