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“ Terminator Salvation articles are upcoming! ”

Most of the media promotion was online, though.

Terminator 4: Salvation articles

Terminator 4: Salvation articles

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Most of the promotions are online, this day and ages. But there are some interesting articles in some magazines and TV-guides and the sorts. Terminator 4: Salvation articles are being compiled and will launch asap!

With latest article on top!

T4: Salvation Summer movie review T4: Salvation Summer movie review
Between helping to rake in more than a billion dollars with The Dark Knight and becoming an Internet whipping boy after the leak of his on-set tantrum during Terminator Salvation, Christian Bale has has an... interesting year. Now, with the fourth Terminator film approaching its own Judgment Day, the actor doesn't seem like he's itching to make more headlines...
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