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“ The one and only 3D Terminator attraction on the world! ”

Thats somewhat an understatement for an atrraction which still exists today

T2-3D: Battle Across Time

T2:3D Battle Across Time

Main info

John and Sarah Connor (presented in the show by other actors and in the onscreen movie as themselves) attack a presentation at Cyberdyne Systems. But they didn't know that a T-1000 Terminator was waiting for them. Fortunately the Terminator arrives and takes John on his motorcycle back to the future. There they must survive and try to destroy Skynet; the computer who controls the machines.

So far so good. The attraction itself is one of the best of it's days. You're presented with some stunning visual effect (on- AND off-screen) and the story is good.

Now for the B-side of things: the story itself does not allow the return of another movie, some things Arnold says are really stupid (fans might get annoyed watching him say "He was my college roommate.") and some of the effects in the movie are way blown out of proportions.

Either way... fans will surely NOT be disappointed taking the ride!
A good addition to the saga!


Released: 1996
Budget: $60 million
Grossed: Unknown (still running)
Running time: 0 hrs. 12 min 41 sec.
Rating: R
Main cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Terminator)
Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor)
Robert Patrick (T-1000)
Edward Furlong (John Connor)
Directing: James Cameron
John Bruno
Stan Winston
Screenwriting: Adam J. Bezark
James Cameron
Gary Goddard
Producing: Chuck Comisky
Andrew Millstein
Studio: Universal Studios


Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Edward Furlong, Robert Patrick and James Cameron return for this amusement park show that is credited as a film, even though the 12-minute onscreen action is only a large chunk of the 20-minute-or-so production.

The show features a great deal of live action as well, as Sarah and John storm a Cyberdyne presentation to warn the audience of Skynet. Our two heroes, along with Arnold's T-800, travel through time to battle the T-1 Million, and destroy Skynet for good. The show is technically very spectacular , and while it's just a 12-minute attractionfest, it's good fun. Just make sure you get a seat in the middle (the 3-D effect is not as good from a bad angle).

'T3 Rise of the Machines' ignores events as seen on the show. James Cameron shares directing credits with visual effects supervisor John Bruno and special effects wizard Stan Winston.

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