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“ Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke only somewhere around 134 words during the entire movie! ”

Want to know each and every word? Check below!

T1 trivia


Main info

What and how was The Terminator filmed? What happened to the cast and crew during shooting? Are there any interesting annecdotes about how the film was shot? If there are tidbits to be mentioned that are of interest, they are all collected in this little trivia page.

In-depth info

There was a minimum of actual interference from the movie's paymasters at Orion, partly because there was relatively little money at stake. There are only two recorded creative suggestions from the financiers. The first was the addition of a canine cyborg to accompany Reese, which Cameron turned down. The second was a strengthening of the love interest between Reese and Sarah, which Cameron willingly accepted. This resulted in the film's one period of repose, in the scenes in which the couple shelter first under the bridge and then in the motel, reminiscing, bandaging, making love and manufacturing explosives.

Cameron already wanted a shape-shifting Terminator, but due to the special effects of that time, it was impossible. The shape-shifting Terminator can be seen in T2 Judgment Day (the T-1000) and T3 Rise of the Machines (the TX).

In the treatment the Terminator uses the line "I'll come back" instead of "I'll be back."

In the versions of the script the model of the Terminator is called 'Cyber Dynamics Model 101'. Later it was changed to 'Cyberdyne Systems Model-101'.

In the treatment Kyle tells the cops in the police station that he is "Reese, Kyle A., Control Sergeant, DN8675309".

In the treatment Reese tells Sarah that Cyber Dynamics would create "the 4800 Series 'Skynet' System, which would in turn incinerate humanity". In the movie, Skynet is never mentioned as a Series System.

Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke only somewhere around 134 words (for example It's vs. It is, counted as one word) during the entire movie, being;

  • "Nice night for a walk."
  • "Nothing clean, right?
  • "Your clothes, give them to me."
  • "The 12-gauge auto-loader."
  • "The .45 long-slide, with laser sighting."
  • "Phased plasma rifle, in a 40-watt range."
  • "The Uzi 9-millimeter."
  • "All."
  • "Wrong."
  • "Sarah Connor?"
  • "(As 1L19) This is 1L19, west bound on Olympic, approaching Overland."
  • "I'm a friend of Sarah Connor. I was told that she's here. Could I see her please?"
  • "Where is she?"
  • "I'll be back."
  • "Fuck you, asshole."
  • "(As Sarah's mom) Oh, but honey, I need to know where I can reach you. You tell me to hide out up here at the cabin like some fugitive, and, and you won't tell me what's going on? I am worried sick, dear."
  • "(As Sarah's mom) Yes. Go ahead... Uh-huh... Uh-huh... I've got it. I love you too, sweetheart."
  • "Give me your address there."
  • "Get out."
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