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“ Did you know that the Ellison Machinery Co. also provided some robotics and operation?! ”

Not only Stan Winston did it. More companies were involved in this movie!

T1 companies


Main info

Making a movie is not always possible without the help of specialised companies. Their involvments range from special effects to delivering film equipment and security to catering for cast and crew. Here's a list of the most we found, possibly with links towards their websites.


Cinema 84
Euro Film Fund
Hemdale Film Corporation
Pacific Western


20th Century Fox Home Entertainment DE DVD Germany
Artisan Entertainment Video
Filmverlag der Autoren Theatrical release Germany
Home Box Office Home Video US
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Video USA
MGM Home Entertainment DVD USA/Germany
Monopole-Pathé Theatrical release Switzerland
Orion Home Video VHS
Orion Pictures Corporation
Roadshow Home Video VHS Australia
Thorn EMI Video
VCL Communications GmbH DVD Germany

Special Effects

Fantasy II Film Effects Visual Effects
Stan Winston Studio Robotics and Make up


Albert G. Ruben and Company Inc. Insurance
Birds and Animals Unlimited Animals
Christal Blue Casting Extras casting
Consolidated Film Industries Post-production services
Ellison Machinery Co. Robotics (and operation)
Film Finances Inc. Completion services
Image Three Optical effects
Laser Products Corporation Laser guns
Mayflower Recording Ltd. ADR recording & Sound effects
Ray Mercer & Company Opticals
Skywalker Sound US Audio restoration & re-mixing
Studio Picture Vehicles Vehicles
Yaskawa Electric America Robotics (and operation)
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