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“ Lots of weapons in every Terminator movie. And some just a few seconds in one or another scenes. ”

But which is which?

Weapons from the Terminator movies

From: Fan review sent in to
Date: March 30, 2003
By: Jon '101Booster'
Thanks to: Some webpages for information and various T3-forum users

After reading a very interesting T3 forum topic about the weapons used in the Terminator movies, TerminatorFiles contacted the person responsible, and got to talk about a possible inclusion on the website. Jon '101Booster' was happy to help. Below is the list he compiled out of answers from other fans, info from several websites (somewhere on the net) and his own knowhow. Enjoy!

Jon '101Booster':

Here is my recompilation of The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day weapons. Some are missing, as I didn't find information about them.

The Terminator

T-800's shotgun
12 gauge autoloader SPAS 12 (8 shot extension) (Firstly, it was intended to be a Remington 1100 Autoloader)
T-800's pistol
Colt .45 longslide Auto, with laser sighting (could be an AMT Hardballer, the Hardballer uses 0.45 in. ACP ammunition, and is a Colt-model clone)
T-800's smg
Uzi 9mm (long)
T-800's assault rifle
AR-180 Caliber: 5.56x45 mm (.223 Remington M193) (Probably an AR-180B Armalite Assault Rifle in the 5.56 mm variant)
Reese's revolver
S&W .38 'Detective' model
Reese's shotgun
Sawed-off Ithaca Model 37 12-guage pump-action (Police model)

Termintor 2: Judgment Day

T-800's pistol
Colt .45 Auto
T-800's shotgun
Sawed-off 10-Gauge 1887 Winchester Lever-Action, Caliber: 10G 00, Ammo: 4+1 (In T2 Ultimate Edition says it's a 12 gauge)
T-800's gas-grenade launcher
Hawk MM-1, 37mm, 12 shot, rotatory gas-grenade launcher
Enrique's shotgun
Mossberg Model 590 12 gauge pump shotgun
T-1000's police handgun
9mm Beretta 92F
T-800's blooper
M-79 grenade launcher, 40mm grenades
T-800's minigun
GE Mini-134, 37mm, 600 rpm (Gatling minigun)
Sarah's pistol
Colt .45 longslide Auto
Sarah's shotgun
Remington 870 (In T2 Ultimate Edition says that it's an A70 Remington police model)
Sarah's rifle
M16A3 or a Colt M4A1 carbine with laser
T-1000's submachine gun
SWAT team
Various HK MP5 9mm smgs: HP MP5A5
SWAT team
Various HK MP5 9mm smgs: HP MP5K

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Still to be compiled...

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