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“ Throughout Jewish, that is Christian, tradition, we find prophets. Just crack open an Old Testament to read about them. ”

Terminator religious? Check it out below...

T2: Judgment Day, deeply religious?

By: Unknown

"Judgment Day" is a term popularized by Christ and his followers. This term refers to a time during Christ's Second Coming when Christ will judge all men. There is an obvious duality in this judgment; Some will endure it while others will perish. To read about it, check out: Matthew 10:15, 12:36, John 5:22, 16:11, 2 Corinthians 5:10, Jude verse 6, and Revelation (various chapters including 14).

The Cast

Sarah Connor is inspired and determined. She forecasts a coming doom, a Judgment Day. Humans can only escape the fiery future by believing her.

John Connor is a young criminal whose defining characteristic is rebellion. Only Sarah, the T-800, and the T-1000 see the potential in this future leader.

The T-800 (Model 101) is devoted to saving John Connor. He is different from humanity in many ways though his processor allows him to learn. Sarah notes that "...if he can't pass for human, he's not much good to us."

The T-1000 is devoted to destroying John Connor. His main characteristic is deception and death follows him like a shadow. He appears superior to the T-800 though the T-800 causes his ultimate demise.

The Theory

Sarah is a prophet, in the same vein as Isaiah, Elijah, or Jonah, but more in the spirit of a Baptist preacher. She fully believes that the Judgment Day is approaching.

John is everyman. He is born into a world of rampant evil and inherits a rebellious nature. It is only through the intervention of the T-800 that John matures. Moreover, John's salvation comes through the T-800.

The T-800 (for the purposes of this allegory) is Christ. He not only protects both Sarah and John throughout the drama, but he sacrifices his existence for their sake.

The T-1000 is the Devil. He brings death and destruction to everything in his path. He is crafty and can change form in order to deceive.

The Evidence

Throughout Jewish, that is Christian, tradition, we find prophets. Just crack open an Old Testament to read about them. Likewise, many modern day Christians find the fire and brimstone message of evangelists prophetic. The presentation of Sarah incorporates both Jewish tradition and modern perception.

The idea of original sin can be found in the works of many past and present theologians. This means that the sinful state is inherited and unavoidable for human beings. John is presented in a similar light, namely rebellious by circumstance. Consider his background. He is a foster child whose mother taught him to steal (see the film scene where he gets money from the ATM). This seems to imply that John is everyman, born into sin.

There are several similarities between the T-800 and Christ:

  1. Both sacrificed their lives, though innocent, for the sake of humanity.

  2. When the naked T-800 first enters the bar, he is stabbed in the chest. Look at any painting of Christ on the cross and compare it to the T-800 as he enters the kitchen of the bar. The wound Christ receives in John 19:34 looks remarkably similar, in any painting, to the T-800's wound.

    Note: The T-800's wound is in a different place than where he was stabbed, watch closely! It would seem the creators went out of their way for this symbol.

  3. Thomas doubted that Christ had been resurrected. He put his finger in the nail holes in Christ's hands (John 20:24-27). Consider the scene after Sarah, John, and the T-800 flee the mental institute. John puts his finger in the bullet holes!

  4. As Sarah watches the T-800 slap fives with John in the desert, she has a mental soliloquy about the faithfulness of the T-800. She notes that the T-800 is better than any earthly father. Now check out Hebrews 3:6 (there are many others).

  5. A second coming is important for both.

There are also several similarities between the T-1000 and the Devil:

  1. The Devil is thought to change form. In Christian tradition Satan takes the form of a serpent (Genesis, Revelation) and he is called the beast (Revelation). Also, look at 2 Corinthians 11:14. Clearly, just as the T-1000's main asset is his ability to change form, so is it Satan's.

  2. The T-1000 desires death for John (ie. everyman). Likewise, Satan desires death for all men according to Christian tradition.

  3. Look at Revelation 19:20. We see that the Devil will be thrown alive into a lake of fire. Now consider how the T-1000 dies.

There's also an alternate theory

This alternate theory hinges on the fact that John is the savior of humanity (though not through death). Consequently, Sarah would be the Virgin Mary. This would then explain the mysterious nature of Sarah's impregnation since John's father corresponds to the Holy Spirit.

John Connor (or James Cameron) = JC = Jesus Christ

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